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​Kids' Teeth Cleaning without the Tears - Some Easy Tips

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All parents will agree that getting their kids to clean their teeth is no easy matter. Sometimes it might be simple but other times, when your little one is tired or cranky, a full-scale battle can ensue, and where is the Tooth Fairy when you need her?

Threatening a 3-year old with acid erosion and plaque prevention clearly isn't the way to go, so you need a no-nonsense, child-friendly method which you can establish as part of your daily routine. Here are some of the very best tips to get your little one into a regular tooth-cleaning routine which is stress-free for you both and even enjoyable!

Clean Your Teeth Together

Kids love to copy grownups, so always brush your teeth at the same time as your child. If you pick up your toothbrush, they are likely to want to copy you.

Choose Kids' Toothpaste

Toothpaste designed for kids tends to be naturally sweeter and more palatable, so choose something with your little one in mind, perhaps with a favorite cartoon character or bright design on the tube. A fluoride-free toothpaste like Organic Kids Tooth Gel is a smart idea because very young kids often swallow toothpaste.

A Toothbrush They'll Love

Everyone knows kids love bright colors, so choosing a brightly colored toothbrush means they will be more likely to accept it. Consider something which will appeal to your child - do they especially love pink or blue, or how about a cartoon character on the handle?

Establish a Routine

Once you have introduced teeth cleaning into both the morning and evening routine, it will become second nature. If you usually do bath, pajamas, cleaning teeth and bedtime story in that order, your child will be expecting it and will accept it is part of the normal routine.

Little Rewards

Kids love to be praised and rewarded for doing something good. Get a little sand timer and say if they brush their teeth well for the whole 2 minutes, until the sand runs out, their will get a reward like their favorite bedtime story or a trip to the park. This then makes it a game, to see if they can keep going for the 2 minutes, and the sand timer is fun to watch and play against.

Good for the Planet

Not only is brushing the teeth good for oral health and a beautiful smile, but it can help save the planet too. Monte Bianco toothbrushes have detachable heads which means less plastic ends up in landfill. Kids like to learn how their actions can help save the Earth.

Brush Each Other's Teeth

Anything that makes tooth-cleaning fun is good where kids are concerned, so why not let your child brush your teeth? This can associate brushing the teeth with fun and laughter.

Use Two Brushes

Although smaller kids might want to hold their own toothbrush, their technique might not be effective. Let them hold a toothbrush to distract them while you brush their teeth with another brush.

If these tips don't seem to work for you immediately, don't press it too hard because you don't want your kids to associate teeth cleaning with frustration and getting upset. Instead, get everyone in the family to brush their teeth while your child watches, and make sure you smile and laugh while doing it. They will feel like they're missing out and want to be in on the fun!

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