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Challenge: What Do Fathers Do Best?

The Greatest of the Greats

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My dad: doting father, all-topics guru, athlete, health nut, king of neat and orderly, master of stability, and man who knows no strangers. As far back as I can remember, my daddy's love has been incomparable! From the days of piggy-back rides, to my Michael Jackson obsession, to my (bad choice) boyfriends, and even now while raising a family of my own, daddy will forever be the first man to steal my heart. The little things stand out most.

As a child, I remember going everywhere and doing everything with him; picking up our favorite anchovy pizza, going to the car wash, watching his tennis matches and basketball games, shopping for toys and clothes, and vacationing various places. I especially loved going to the beach. I miss those times dearly! Although not perfect, my childhood was awesome and his unconditional love contributed to that. I'm fortunate to have always had his presence in my life.

Strolling down memory lane, my mind and heart are overwhelmed by the many ways he's always loved me. My knight in casual but well pressed and pleated armour, daddy has forever come to my rescue! He has always been just a phone call away- for so many people- and he doesn't get the recognition he DESERVES for that. I've looked to him to save me in all kinds of situations.

I recall daddy being ready and willing to avenge my first heartbreak. That guy had no idea how close he came to feeling daddy's wrath on his overly inflated ego! When I was so depressed that I couldn't get off the floor, daddy was there. And during my many financial pitfalls, he was right there to support, lovingly scold, and to teach. I've told him things daddies never want to hear from their daughters. You see, my dad is a nurse (aka my doctor) and has had to endure waaay too many tales about everything from my ever-changing female body to my vaginal woes. Poor guy! While most fathers long for a close relationship with their daughters, I'm sure daddy has wished we weren't so close in some instances!

That God-given, angelic, love and devotion from my father has not only showered down on me but has shown up again in the love given by my fiance to our children. He's their favorite playmate! I especially love how he treats them like the women he wants them to be. He teaches the girls how to "fix" things, to be independent. He defies stereotypes by not limiting their capabilities to their gender. He believes the girls are capable of anything and treats them as such. Sometimes too much so for this nervous mama! And when it's time to, he even gets down right pretty for them by rocking headbands, jewelry, and pretending that tea parties are his favorite pastime.

I feel like the luckiest woman in the world when I watch my girls bask in unconditional love and acceptance from these wonderful men; Men who also love one another as father and son. What a blessing! It is to these two that my daughters will compare the men-to-come in their own lives. What a high standard to measure up to and I pray my girls accept nothing less!

To them both I say "THANK YOU!"

For them both I am truly grateful!

Happy Father's Day to all fathers but especially to my knights, my two heroes, the men in my life who continue to exceed all of my expectations of true love. For the rest of my days, I can say that I've been loved by the greatest of the greats!

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