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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

​Thank God for reinforcements

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Thank God for reinforcements.

And I’m not talking about the ones that healed your

binder-bound, college-ruled papers,

but the kind of reinforcements that are




and oh, such a dang BLESSING to your life.

Like parents (a.k.a your kids’ grandparents) who not only check in and step in at the drop of a hat but who also offer to clean that floor-fallen hat for you.

Like friends that call and text often. OR text instead of call ‘cause they know you hate talking on the phone. OR call instead of text because they know you’d rather just talk stuff out than tryin’ to read minds through memes.

Like semi-strangers —

as in the Starbucks baristas who know your name and order and have it ready for before you’ve even walked in their coffee shop door,

and the register ladies and baggers at Publix who’ve known ya since they scanned your pregnancy test for cost and who now know your three kids names and exactly why it is you are loading up on


Like your siblings who are flippin’ RIDE OR DIE. ‘Nuff said.

And the good ‘ole non-human reinforcements like

that trusty teddy bear from your youth and the mindfulness journal you bought over five years ago that are just, without fail, there for you whenever you need ‘em and

like the box of Cheez-its in your pantry and the tub of chocolate covered almonds you leave out of the pantry “just because.”

Thank God for reinforcements,

and, really,

here’s to Him being one of ‘em too.

Him and the fantastic sense of humor He blessed me with.

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