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To All the #GoodGuys Who Are Great Role Models for Our Sons

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This guy.

I could really just stop at these two words and leave the wonder of what he represents all to myself. But, why do that? I’d rather call him out for his heart of gold even if it means embarrassing him to no end because, much more fun.

The thing is, life happens faster than the speed of anything so the more we share the good stuff, the more fulfilling our brief interlude becomes. Goodness knows we could use a hefty dose of uplifting stuff when it comes to men during this very important #metoo revolution. In fact, I’m hoping this post inspires other wives to share stories of their fine men. And mothers to esteem their admirable sons. The more we lift up the good ones, the more examples and role model’s other men have to learn from.

Many of us have hit the hubs lottery and I am 1000% one of them. God held nothing back when sending this guy into my world. It was mush at first sight for me. We’ll celebrate 25 years in May, which includes surviving some major earthquakes in our marriage. Even though the ground beneath us shook and rumbled a few times, our foundation stays anchored in the kind of love only God can fortify. I don’t have enough words to express what our journey has meant for both us and our now 3 adult kiddos.

My man wears a wardrobe of love and compassion, and kindness is his cologne. He is the life of the party even in a room of strangers simply because of his infectious smile and his genuine intent when interacting with everyone around him. The thing that melts my heart still to this day is that he has never lost his romantic charm when it comes to me. God help him, Saint John Spear. And last night he did something which may seem like a little thing, but when you’ve been married this many years, the little things are the heartbeat of the relationship.

So, he had to work late last night. Around 7 pm I called him to ask where the rest of his dress shirts were because I wanted to drop them off at the dry cleaner in Giant Eagle, plus grab some groceries. We figured out the logistics of the dirty stuff, and then he says,

“Well, I’m on my way home so I’ll meet you at the store.”

“Why, hon? Go straight home because it’s late and I know you’re tired. I left a dinner plate out for you on the counter.”

“No that’s okay. I’d rather meet you. This way we can be together at the store and then be together while I’m eating.”

All the feels.

Here he was, after putting in a ten-hour day, wanting to meet me at a grocery store so we could “be together” doing the mundane.

And to top it off, I got a follow-up text saying, “I’ll also pump your gas for you after we go to the store together.”

Yes. This is real life for me. I’m not worthy, this I know for sure.

But turns out God thinks otherwise, and I run with His opinion every day. Mostly pinching myself along the way.

I’ve got a husband who knows what treating a woman looks like from a loving perspective. And because of him, the integrity, character, and servant heart he has modeled to our children, I have two boys in their 20’s who are following suit. I thank God every day and hope and pray the goodness continues to drip down through the generations.

Please share your stories about your good guys, friends. Use #goodguys Let them be a Light for others. And to all of you men out there who get it, we see you. Thank you… thank you...thank you.

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