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Challenge: Walking the Talk

Teaching Your Kids Through Volunteer Work

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Nothing imparts lessons like volunteer work.

In fact, volunteer work is known to help build self-confidence, reduce depression, and provide a sense of purpose.

One of the best places for your kids to volunteer is at an assisted living center. By helping out elderly people, your kid will come away with so many lessons and experiences, which can inform the rest of their lives.

With this in mind, keep reading to see exactly why this is a great idea.

Volunteering With the Elderly Teaches Your Kids About Life Changes

By allowing your kids to volunteer at an assisted living center, they'll learn about life changes as they take place. It gives your kids some perspective into the aging process, while getting the chance to learn all about life in prior areas.

For instance, your child will get to hear first hand accounts from someone who lived through eras they're learning about in textbooks. Learning from someone with decades of experience will also add perspective to getting older and growing as a person.

They Will Develop Compassion and Caring

Paying it forward is the key to life, and your child will have a beautiful opportunity to help someone else's life.

People who live in elderly assisted living homes often enjoy these visits from volunteers because it improves their health, happiness and overall well-being. In exchange, your child will also develop caring and compassion that will be invaluable in their lives as well.

You should look into some elderly living centers that will allow your child to enjoy various forms of volunteer work.

They Will Learn Responsibility

When dealing with elderly people with health needs and strict schedules, it's crucial to be responsible and show up for work each day. Since your child is signing on to help, they'll also be held to strict standards and schedules, with plenty of responsibilities.

As you can imagine, these ideas will carry your child far in life, and will make them an excellent citizen.

In fact, by the time your child wants to apply for colleges, they'll be walking into the door with a beefy resume filled with volunteer work.

Use these strategies and start looking for some volunteer opportunities for your child.

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