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Challenge: Walking the Talk

Instilling Ethics and Honors To Your Kids By Example

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In the busy world of technology, faster paced living and the availability of endless information at our fingertips, it's important to keep your kids grounded with valuable lessons.

Without question, the best way to instill these lessons is by example.

You can introduce these concepts to your kids in ways that matter whenever you develop some consciousness and clarity about it. You can use these points below to help ensure that you're raising kids that are well-adjusted, caring individuals.

Develop Some Principals, Live Them, and Teach Them

It's one thing to tell your kids things, but teaching them involves you living it and walking the talk. The best way to do this is to consciously develop principals that you can teach.

There's a reason that martial arts is great for both kids and adults to practice. You learn discipline, perseverance, sportsmanship and other matters. Putting your kids in such activities and having a guided hand on their development in it is a great way for you to impart lessons.

You can also read up on some universal principals, whether through your faith or related to business. By understanding these principals for yourself and living them, it becomes easier to pass it on to your kids.

Look into mixing mental and physical whenever you can. For instance, going on a regular jog or walk with your kids gives you a chance to have deep talks and to impart lessons, while also pushing yourselves and improving your health and well-being.

Use Play to Teach Your Kids Professionalism and Honesty

Since kids learn through play, you need to make sure you're passing on actionable lessons.

You can set up a mock work scenario so that your kids learn what it is like to get up and go to work each morning, and carry themselves as professionals. You should treat their school work as their profession, so that your kids will be college and work ready when the time comes.

Be sure to teach your kids all about ethics, so that they're able to carry themselves accordingly and grow as adults.

Continuously Stay in Touch and Learn Your Kids

It's important that you also keep learning your children's personalities and thought processes.

This requires you to stay in touch and have honest conversations with them whenever you can. By developing this level of rapport with your kids, they will also be more likely to listen and take heed.

You'll come across as teaching, rather than preaching, and they'll understand that you have their best interests in heart.

Consider these tips so you can raise your kids up to a code and standard that will help them grow.

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