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Reading Bedtime Stories to Your Child is More than Just an Activity

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The fondest memory we have from our childhood is being tucked in bed by our parents and have them lay beside us for some fun (or horrifying), bedtime storytelling. Many parents from all parts of the world share this experience with their children and is one of the greatest memories parents get to build with their little ones.

Night time bedtime stories don't particularly excite children but are something parents look forward to with great anticipation as it brings an end to their long, hectic day. This nightly routine practiced in almost every household is, in reality, a crucial element is child upbringing and development. Taking an hour or so to narrate an entertaining story to your child is not only educational for them, but also ensures your kid falls asleep in a matter of moments – a relief for parents as they wrap up their day.

However, it is important to know that reading a bedtime story is not just a fun parent-child activity, it is also a way to foster their learning and speaking skills. Here are the three reasons why telling bedtime stories are so important:


1.Nurturing Their Minds

When it comes to child upbringing, it all begins at home. Spending quality time with your child by storytelling paves the way for your child to build a vivid imagination as well as strong communication skills. Young toddlers from the age of 1-3 are still in their early learning years – a stage where parents must expose their children to as much literature as possible for impactful learning and reading experience.

In addition to maximizing their reading and learning skills, storytelling has been proven to promote excellent communication skills in children. This way, children feel more confident in making friends in their classrooms and playgrounds which further boosts their ability to pick up on new sentences and vocabulary.

2.Helping Them Explore Their Emotions

Apart from developing your child's cognitive and speech skills, developing their emotional health is just as imperative. Reading different genres of books to your little one will open up their doors in exploring, recognizing and understanding the various emotions we as humans experience daily. Understanding these very emotions will help your child to approach big milestones and learn how to better navigate their negative emotions towards a more positive track.

With reading and your assistance, your child will learn the different emotions and how to use them effectively depending on different scenarios. Reading is an integral part of child upbringing and is what leads them to become articulate, intelligent and empathetic individuals.

3.Facilitating Them to Venture into Other Worlds Through Reading

Reading through a variety of materials such as books, magazines, atlases, and newspapers – allows children to explore a world different than the one they currently live in. There is something about reading that ignites the spark of imaginative thinking and dreaming. This is, in reality, why many children daydream – it's their equivalent of traveling into another realm that is far from their rather boring routines.

Children are certainly inquisitive little humans, whose needs to venture out to explore new horizons is incomparable to anyone else. Parents can provide them this space to venture out in through habitually reading to them books belonging to a diverse range of genres. Reading books with your child is surely a great way to undertake adventurous journeys and together explore the spectacle of roaring seas, wild jungles, and mysterious civilizations without having to step out of the house!

Besides the wonderful benefits, reading bedtime stories has on your child, are the beautiful memories you get to share with them for a lifetime.

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