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Challenge: Reading Together

​How Bedtime Stories Can Enhance Your Child's Memory and Learning

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Most parents don’t read bedtime stories to their children, or if they do, it’s very seldom. Today there is so much that takes up parents’ time that they’re under a lot of pressure. With the complexities of everyday life, less free time, and technological devices, storytelling has been lost along the way.

Storytelling can form such a critical part in the development of a child’s personality. It may seem like a simple thing, but there are so many benefits that it’s important to take a little time and read to the children. It’s just a matter of reading out of a book. The advantages are numerous especially for children from two years and older.

Instills Virtues in Them

Every child, around the globe, loves to listen to bedtime stories. They yearn to hear more and more about all of their favored characters and will often imitate them. When a child hears a story that has a message that’s meaningful, they’re taught qualities like courage, wisdom, honesty, and love at an early age.

Enhances Their Language

When stories are read out loud to children, it aids in helping them get to know language. It also helps them learn new phrases, words, and pronunciation on a nightly basis.

Improves Their Listening

The attention span of children is usually very short, and they have a hard time focusing on something for very long. Then they wind up talking more and listening less. When reading stories to them, they become more attentive and then want to hear more and understand.

Inspires Creativity and Imagination

Children imagine the place and characters when they’re listening to a bedtime story. The story also enhances their creativity which makes them open to thinking more, ideas, and allows them to use their imagination.

Sharpens a Child’s Memory

Storytelling can be used to assist in increasing kids’ memories. After reading a story, wait a few days and ask them to tell the same story or as much as they can remember. This can be a fun way to increase their memory and encourage their concentration.

Stretches Their Horizons

It’s not often that children are exposed to different countries and cultures. Through bedtime storytelling, parents can introduce them to various places around the globe. By including stories on these subjects, children will begin to broaden their horizon.

Simplifies Academic Learning

Listening to bedtime stories, children receive their first step towards academic learning. Children tend to learn by repetition with really understanding the topic. If done regularly, storytelling can aid children to understand better and enjoy it more.

Communicate Better

Sometimes children are reluctant to ask questions even though their minds are brimming with curiosity. By telling them stories, they can learn how to ask these questions. It also helps them learn to have a conversation making them have more confidence in themselves.

Easily Face Difficult Situations

For children, a difficult situation can leave them confused. By reading them stories involving characters who face some situations that are difficult, it helps them understand. They should be told a few stories where sadness and bad times happen in life along with fun times and happiness.

The End

For parents who tell a bedtime story to a child, know that it has overwhelmingly positive results. The stories they hear, during their young lives, will remain in their minds and hearts all the way to their adulthood. The stories will also influence how they think of themselves and intermingle with others in their lives.

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