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Principle Of Good Parenting

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As a parent you need set up some principle in the home but that does not necessarily mean you should be harsh or wicked. When kid feel too free to do some certain things they tend to over do them which is somehow dangerous for their growth and discipline nature, there are some certain boundaries which you need to never let your children pass. Parenting is one of the most challenging work as a parent, you need to nurture, guide, lead and control. A child who is not well nurture might end of being a bad one and the society will eventually question the parents.

As a parent you need to build your child to be honest, caring, responsible, cheerful, cooperative and very kind. These are the principle the child will stick up to even as they grow. They will carry these value along with them as they move forward in life. Parenting can be the hardest thing as a parent but a child who is well train will not only bring good name to the family but a lot of joy will come along with the good name.

The Activities In Your Child Life

Don’t be too free with them in terms of decision making, always endeavor to inspect their behaviors and make them understand that they can’t do anything without your approval. Teach them to understand that your consent is very much important when they are about to make any decision which pertain their future as a whole.

Be A Good Example

You are your kids role model whatever you do will reflect on them as well, they often feel you are perfect and can’t be involved in any silly mistakes. As a parent endeavor to be a good role model to your child. There are some certain attitudes and words you should never display in front of your children. Be a good example to your kids and you will be proud to see what they will attain in life.

Know When To Start Monitoring Them More

At a certain age you don’t need to worry yourself too much about their daily activities because you know they are still a kid but once they start getting to some certain age, you need to be more involved in their daily activities and as well you should know when to stop worrying too much. As a parent when your child start knowing things he or she doesn’t know before, you need to tighten your parental role, is time you get to know the friends they are keeping and how they relate with people outside the house.

Too Harsh

Being too harsh on them can also drive them far away from you, be discipline but don’t be harsh, as children often get scared of a harsh parent. The mission is to train them and not to drive them apart from you. In a case where by you have to scold your child, do that but you don’t have to pick on them on every single issues. Over look some of their mistakes and scold them on some. These will help in creating a deep bond between you and your kids.


There are some words you should never say to your kids which will look like you are putting them down, harsh words or foul words can make your children have a low self esteem. Be very positive while dealing with them as your word as great effect on them and it will not only bring their self worth down but also make their heart far away from yours. Be careful with words, its one of the most important factor in parenting.


Don’t say one thing to them today and say another thing tomorrow be very confident about your words. If you don’t want your kids to do some certain things anymore, the way you say it to them will determine if they will repeat the same mistake. But in the case where you are so confident and sure about your words before saying them. They will see confident in your words and action and I bet you, they will never try to make sure mistakes again because they know it might lead to deeper punishment for them.


Don’t ever let your children see your weakness when they are in some certain age. Your courage is what will help them in building theirs too. If they see that they are parent is always head up in facing their challenges it will motivate them never to give up in their own life battles too. Your actions towards some certain things often matters as a parent.

Love And Respect

Respect your children decisions sometimes and in the case where by you have to change some particular decisions they are about taking, change it in a lovelier way. Instead of making it look like you are imposing your right on them make them see reasons along with you. These will make the understand that you want the best for them and they will certainly do your will.

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