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Playing Decorating Games with your Kids

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While they may not be as advanced as a professional decorating program, decorating games can be a great insight into what your kid wants in their room. If you are remodeling your child’s room you should sit down with them and play some decorating games to get some inside information.


If you let your kids go wild with these kinds of games you can figure out a lot that you otherwise might not know. The color that they choose most prominently is likely their favorite color. Before you start to decide between standard beds and bunkbeds or types of wall paper, the first step comes when you go through the list of games. Each game usually has a theme and this can be a bit of insight as well. Did your kid pick out the Emo edition of Best Interior Design or did they jump on the Queen’s Party Decoration game? This will give you a baseline as custom paper writing companies.

After that you can start to look at colors and patterns. Ask them why they chose each one and try not to influence them too much. Let them explain why they like or dislike something and don’t dismiss it if you don’t like it yourself.

When selecting furniture you need to give it the same care as the colors and patterns. If you suggest a set of twin bunk beds and they scoff at them as being too kiddy, then you know what not to get them. If they get excited about having bunk beds for sleepovers with friends then you know you’ve hit gold.

After they are done with their room it’s time for the next phase. Choose a game of your own and build your own room. Then have them critique it. Don’t get upset that they don’t like your tastes. They probably won’t. Not because your taste is bad. Because they are kids and have funny likes and dislikes. This will give further insight into what they do and don’t like. You may just learn something entirely new about your child.

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