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6 Tips to Help You Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom

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Parents face many challenges when trying to decorate their kid’s bedrooms. The bedroom needs to be comfortable, welcoming, but also offer functionality and practical solutions. After all, this is where the child is going to spend a lot of time playing and engaging in other activities.

If you’re at a loss on how you can decorate your kid’s bedroom, here are a few tips you can follow.

1 - Make the Walls Your Canvas

The most significant and attention-grabbing part of any room is its walls. When it comes to kid’s room decor, it is best to stick with a neutral color scheme. It will act as the perfect canvas for various decorative items and can be updated as the child is growing up.

If the child wants something more sparkly and colorful, limit the patterns or wallpaper to the ceiling or one wall in the room. Remember that simplicity is key.

2 - Storage is a Must for Organization

Incorporating tons of storage in the children's bedroom is a creative way to keep things organized. This is where parents need to put their thinking hat on and get creative with the storage boxes.

For storage furniture in the kids’ room, make esthetically pleasing choices that will blend in well with the kid’s room design and theme. A sleek storage cart or a funky cabinet will make a great addition, and so will beds that offer storage underneath them.

3 - Go for Fun yet Warm Color Scheme

When decorating kids’ rooms, the best way to spice things up is to incorporate beautiful colors in the room's bedding and furnishing. Art and colorful images on the wall can make the space warm and inviting. You can always use colorful rugs, blinds, and wall panels to give the bedroom a warm and cozy feel.

4 - Lighting

Ample importance should be given to the amount of light a child's bedroom has. In the daytime, natural light must be allowed to enter the room. And at night, sleeping with a gentle glow coming from an animal lamp will help your child have a good night’s sleep.

Putting up fairy lights will give the room a nice cozy feel while placing lighting options by the bedside will make nighttime reading much easier. You can also use spotlights to add warmth.

5 - Rug it up

There's no better way to bring warmth and color to a child's room than rugs. Place it near the bed to give children ample space to play with puzzles, games, and toys.

Rugs are definitely a better and healthier choice compared to carpets, as they are significantly easier to clean. Choose a rug with an easily washable material and settle for a color that goes well with other elements in the kids’ room.

6 - Don't Forget the Ceiling

One of the most neglected features in any room is the ceiling. Let out the inner artist and hang up fun lights or paint some stars and a moon with glow in the dark paint. It will act as the perfect sight for a child to watch while falling asleep. Placing something fun on the ceiling can make the room a lot more interesting. You can also make your child’s room more interesting using 3D home decor from VisionBedding.

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