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Parenting and performance at work

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As a parent, many factors can influence and decrease our performance at work. Most of us are overwhelmed by all the daily tasks and responsibilities, we are most of the time sleep deprived and just plain worrying about them can make us lose focus. Although divorcing and leaving the country altogether isn't really an option, you might have thought about it and imagined how simple life could be. Well, there are other options available that might just do the trick.


It doesn't take hours of meditation a day to improve one's cognitive functions. Simple 5 to 10 minutes sessions in the morning or the evening, even during your work time can greatly improve your cognitive functions and help you relax. One technique is really useful for busy parents and it's called mindfulness meditation. You sit down, relax, fix something in the distance and concentrate on your breath and when your conciseness starts slipping, you focus again. Regular practice will improve your ability to think creatively and make sound decisions.

Your diet is important

Eating a full and varied diet can play a strong role to your road to success as a parent. Many foods out there contain the necessary ingredients to make you a better person and a better worker. One such food is Omega 3s, now well known to greatly enhance cognitive performances and also lower inflammation. Fruits and vegetables are an obvious choice if you want to keep your body well mineralized and full of good vitamins, they all play a role in enhancing our health. Supplements can definitely help and in particular nootropics and smart drugs. The market is flooded with all sorts of different brands but one site, in particular, qualia reviews, gives some very interesting information on the topic.

Stay motivated, learn new things

Everyone goes through times where everything seems like routine and just plain boring. You love your kids and if you are reading this they probably love you too since you care so much about being a better parent/person. In order to be happy and go back home with a smile, one trick to achieve this is to keep learning new interesting things either at work or at home. Find yourself a hobby, start working on new projects, ask your boss to move you to a new position.

This will ensure you stimulate your brain the right way and will improve your performance.

Exercise regularly

No one says it enough, exercise is good for you and your brain. It will keep you well oxygenated, healthy, and a healthy body means a healthy mind. There are so many studies out there that proves this, you can just take my word for it or google it.

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