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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

6 Ways To Keep Your Brain And Body Healthy

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A healthy body with a healthy mind is key to a much happier life for everyone. Most of us pay attention only to our body health not the health of our brain. But brain health is similar important along with our body health. When you are eating healthy food to maintain a healthy body at that time also you need to do something for your brain. Here are some ways you can do for maintaining a healthy body as well as a healthy mind.

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Learning is not only about when you are in school or college. When you finished your academic education it doesn’t mean that your learning has finished. Read every day as much as you can cause this the best exercise for your brain. Reading helps to improve your brain capacity. So never stop reading.


Meditation really helps to make you a better version of yourself. You don’t need to mediate for the whole day. It’s just about a few minutes. Meditation helps to improve your memory, attention, mood, immune system, sleep, and creativity. It is great for a healthy brain.


The word yoga means the union of body, mind, spirit, and environment. Yoga does not only help the body healthy but also does mind healthy. So it is an amazing exercise for your overall health. Yoga helps you to build strength, coordination, and flexibility while calming your mind.


Omega-3 fatty acids, B-group vitamins, and vitamin E are healthy nutritious food which is much needed for a healthy brain and overall health of your body. So when you are eating make sure that all the nutrients are available in your meal.


If you want to maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind discipline is the mandatory thing you need to maintain. Take your shower every day never miss this. Make sure you have a bathroom towel in your bathroom cause after taking the shower if you wrap up your wet body with the towel it will give a kind of natural freshness. Which is really necessary for your brain to become stress-free.


Like every other part of your body, your brain also needs rest. When you are in deep sleep your brain repair itself and boost the immune system. Having a good night's sleep means it energizes your brain and improves your brain capacity. Thus, your overall health will become better. So it is important you sleep well every night.

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