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Challenge: Ultimate Baby Registry

Out with the New in with the Old...

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Okay, well not fully but from our first kid to our last here is what we found as a Must to a Bust...

Cloth Diapers...not for the bottom but for burp cloths, diaper changing pads, spit up guards, you name it this white pack of basic cloth diapers are a dream!

Onesies..unlimited amounts of these only because ones the kid's poop overflows that cute onesie is not going to be the same its amazing how their poop can stain and all they are eating is breast milk/formula..its magic I tell ya.

Socks.. no shoes your kid does not want nor do they want them on.

Bottles and bottles and bottles even if you breastfeed its great to pump and dump into a bottle let your spouse feed them and or kids its awesome feeling!

Bouncer is a need sometimes you just have to have a cup of coffee even if kid is crying non stop take a mom break for 1 sip you will thank yourself later.

Swing...for some reason it makes them happy (go with it).

Play mat....for the same reason the bouncer is used, we need to switch it up and what better way than dangling toys above them.

Swaddle Blankets these end up working just like the cloth diapers : )

As they get older dont forget about this it sneaks up on you.

Ask for some great luxury items like stroller (umbrella ones too), car seat(s) grandparents might want to have one too, Catchie this is a 3 in 1 car seat protector it protects the car and your sanity, car seat toy that attaches to the headrest, and the more noise making or wood sucking toys the better just rotate and its like Christmas all year : ) !

Make sure to take hand-me downs you might not like them but in emergencies and or if you didn't do laundry (let's be honest we avoid at all cost) then you have a back up!

Don't feel the need to purchase everything new, you use most items for a short time. However if you do, dont feel stressed in buying the best and newest it will make you sad after you purchase it when the newest newest edition comes out...Its happened with me a few times. Darn technology.

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