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4 Things You Need to Have Before the Baby Shows Up

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So, you’re expecting a newborn. The prospect of a new baby is terrifying enough, and your mind is probably racing with all the new responsibilities that are going to be heaved onto your plate. For instance, you need to start saving for college, you might want life insurance, you need to start picking out pre-schools and elementary schools, you need get the baby checked by doctors, and much more.

While all of those are important, there is another more pertinent list that requires some immediate attention. Yes, before you should start worrying about college funds, you should worry about a few newborn essentials, or items, that need to be picked up before the baby shows up. At that, you should be able to easily do it without breaking the bank.

With that being said, here is a list of a few big essential items you’ll need to pick up as an expecting, soon-to-be parent.

Disposable Diapers

This is a big one because if anything is true, it’s the fact that babies run through diapers. You’re not going to want to be stuck in a spot where you have nothing left in your most desperate hour, so you should stock up on diapers early on before the kid arrives.

A good idea could be to buy them in bulk in order to save some money. Diapers can get expensive. If you fall for the branding, then you’ll end up shelling out even more cash. Find the right diaper at the right price by talking to some friends or family who’ve been through it all. If those are in short supply, then check online and read customer reviews.

Car Seat

The baby will be leaving that hospital eventually, and when he or she does, it will probably be in a car seat in a vehicle. This is automobile child safety 101. You absolutely need a baby car seat if you’re going to be transporting your baby which is a high probability to say the least.

So, get a car seat! There should be plenty of cheap options found online, or you could find a potentially free car seat from an old friend with a grown up kid. At any rate, there are tons of car seats out there for the taking, so jump on it and get one before your kid is born. Keep in mind that while cheap can be a good thing, you shouldn’t sacrifice safety for the cause. Finding a safe car seat is paramount.

Crib & Mattress

Let’s look at this scenario. Your baby is tired. You need to put it down for its first nap. You’re looking forward to your first time alone since the kid crashed through the door that was your life. But, you don’t have a safe crib and mattress to lay them down in! Well, the baby is going start crying at that. Be prepared with a safe crib and mattress to lay down your child for bedtime or nap time. There should be plenty of options online or with your family that can be acquired for cheap. Whether your kid likes the mattress is a question that will be answer eventually however.

Baby Monitor You can’t lay down your baby for a nap without a baby monitor, especially if you’ve got separation anxiety. Get a baby monitor so you don’t have to either check on your kid every two minutes, wait in the room during nap time, or never let your kid sleep. These probably won’t be super cheap, but you can definitely find affordable options online or a potentially free option from a friend.

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