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10 Must-Have Items to Have in Your Car if You Have Kids!

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It is time to get the car organized and ready for spring and summer adventures. I don't like to have a cluttered car, but with three kids, there are certain things I have learned to have on hand in the car to keep us prepared for all situations while we are out on the run. Today, I am sharing ten things to have on hand in the family car so you will be all set to be out and about all spring and summer long!

10 Items to have in Car if you have Kids || The Chirping Moms

1. Entertainment for the Children: An easy solution is to get a small basket or bin & stock it with small toys and books. When the kids get in, they can grab a toy or book to play with in their seat & when they get out, everything goes back in the bin. Rotate the toys on a monthly basis. This is also the spot where you can put "happy meal" toys & other random trinkets. It keeps the toys contained, but gives your child some entertainment while on the road.

2. DVD's & Music: Speaking of entertainment, another thing that I always have on hand in my car are a few kid music selections and DVD's (if you have a DVD player). We often put Pandora on through our bluetooth system in the car, but also will sometimes pop in books on cd of our own (or ones that we have checked out from the library). My kids don't watch DVD's in the car often as that is their special treat for long car rides (then they can watch as much as they want). But I do always have a few on hand for necessary measures & try to mix some more educational ones in with the fun ones. If I'm out running errands right before nap time, sometimes I pop one in to keep my littlest one awake so she will sleep once we get home. If I am driving during "meltdown hour" during rush-hour traffic, then of course I will pop in a movie to keep the kids entertained and my head on the road!

3. Hand Sanitizer & Wet Ones: These are for the moments where you need clean faces & clean hands. You will use these a lot so keep your car well-stocked!

4. Snacks and Drinks: I always keep a stash of emergency snacks & drinks in my car. For snacks, single-serve snack packs or applesauce pouches work great. For drinks, keep a few juice boxes & bottles of water in the car and you should be good to go. No tears about hunger or thirst!

5. First-Aid Kit: Stock a small first-aid kit with all your basic needs such as band-aids, neosporin, travel-sized sunscreen, bug spray, hand sanitizer, & whatever else you may need.

6. Trash Can: I keep a plastic cereal dispenser between the driver's seat and passenger seat where all trash goes. It really helps with trash around the car & is easy to get rid of the trash and reuse.

7. Spare Clothes: With little kids, you never know what is going to happen so it's great to have a spare change of clothes. The full outfit, including shoes, socks, pants, & shirt. Trust me, we have had moments where we have needed it & an extra pair of shoes has definitely been used when I realize that my kids forgot to put their shoes on when they got in the car!

8. Diapers & Wipes: Throw a small container of wipes and a few spare diapers in the glove compartment and you will never run out of diapers and wipes on the go.

9. Blanket: I always have a blanket in the car once the weather warms up because we often will have lunch on the go at parks and playgrounds. Something like this would be perfect!

10. Stroller: With three little ones, I always have a stroller in my car as there is at least one who would rather ride than walk. Right now, my choice of stroller is the Summer Infant 3D Flip Stroller. This stroller is awesome, seriously! It is a reversible seat umbrella stroller which means that you can have your child either facing towards you or away from you. How awesome is that? Some great features include: a deep reclined seat, a huge adjustable canopy for shade, a great storage basket, a drink holder, & more. It's a great stroller for kids of all ages. My kids love the choice to face out and see the world or to face in so they can talk & interact with me!

Summer Infant Flip Stroller || The Chirping Moms

I hope this list encourages you to get that car all packed and ready to head out this spring and summer!

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