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Challenge: I'm a Great Mom Because...

On the days when you break even

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Dear Mamas,

On the days that you break even --

the days when you miss your alarm, oversleep and rush the kids around like a lunatic;

the days when your children eat pasta, dino nuggets, or junk like two frosted chocolate donuts for breakfast;

the days when you're yelling by 7:30 am;

the days when you're crying by 8:00 am;

the days when you relieved to drop them off at school;

the days when you don't touch a piece of laundry or go anywhere near a dirty dish;

the days when no homework or work of any kind -- yours or the kids' -- is getting done in your home;

the days when your kid's lunch is a hodgepodge of what was left in the pantry;

the days when you wish everything could be a drive-thru;

the days spent in yoga pants doing anything but yoga;

the days you frustrate easily;

and on the days you frustrate others.

On the days on which you feel that your mothering is just "okay" and your wife-ing and woman-ing ain't nothing to write home about...

On those days where you feel like you're not falling super short, but are definitely not ahead...

On those days where you are seemingly "breaking even," know this:

As much as mothers need a crapton of literal breaks, we also need to break so that we can transform and grow into the stellar guardians our children need us to be. So, while you may break even on the day-to-day, the output required by motherhood will never have an equal.

You may have broken even today, and, heck, you may break even five days next week.

But, in the game that is a life dictated by motherhood, you'll always be up and will always be winning.

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