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I'm a Great Mom Because...

As mothers, we love to brag about our children. And we're great at sharing our "mom fails." But brag about ourselves??! Um, never. And if we do, it's always with a big BUT: "I'm pretty good at reading stories, BUT my house is a total mess." This Mother's Day, let's flip the script. Tell us why you are a GREAT mom. Maybe you pack amazing lunches. Maybe you rock at playing Barbies or Hot Wheels. Maybe you're a really good listener or a master carpool organizer. Brag on yourself, for once. Tell us what you're great at. You can write it as much or as little as you want. Only one rule: No big buts allowed!

DADS: You can participate in this one, too! Is your partner an awesome mom... who doesn't always realize how wonderful she is?

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