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Challenge: I'm a Great Mom Because...

I had to tell my daughter a very hard truth

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It was hard for me to tell Gracelynn, my ten year old daughter, about why mommy hadn't been an consistent figure in her life for nearly nine years. One night though, I read through her Snapchat randomly, and noticed her friends were talking of boys and using curse words. I knew it was time to tell her about her mom's long nearly 13 year battle with heroin addiction. First, I asked Gracelynn, if she knew why mommy spoke to people across the country about her life. (as then, I was just starting my journey into public speaking). I then showed her my video. That was a moment, I will remember, the rest of my life. As both of us, had tears streaming down our faces, I explained to Gracelynn why it was so very important, that we keep good company in our lives, as her mother knows, we are who we surround ourselves with. After that night, Gracelynn never looked at me the same way again. She looked at me with a lot more respect and understanding, as she began to understand the deep treacherous battle her mother had for fought for years to get her back. I know if it wasn't for Vivitrol, I would have been in the graveyard, along with the other 12 friends I lost along those years. It gave me a fresh chance at life. It was a miracle, that ultimately made my life into one as well. I am so grateful for that opportunity. If you or your loved one has had opiate issues, like I had in the past, I would say, this may be worth giving a try. After all, I was that hopeless case. That now gives hope to so many.....

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