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Challenge: I'm a Great Mom Because...

My husband and kids could do better than me

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Every now and again,

I think to myself...

my husband and kids could do better.

That my husband could be with a woman who
isn't so anxious all the time,
controlling but indecisive,
both self-conscious and a bit naive.
Someone who takes better care of herself,
actually puts on a bra
and isn't a shitty cook.
A woman who makes her own money and doesn't fall behind in the laundry.
A lady who's a pro communicator and won't regularly screw up the rearing of his children.

That these children could have a mama who
has more patience,
is great at being fully present,
and never says no when she is asked to play.
A mother who listens before she reacts,
and responds from a place of love, never ridicule or judgment.
A mom who doesn't rush her kids or the precious moments with them.
A mother who isn't a clock-watcher and always in pursuit of the next thing (or bedtime) and who values the now presence of her faithfully-made and adoring living things.

Every now and again, I think to myself that my husband and kids could do better.

But every now and again,

like every energy-draining bedtime

and every beautifully chaotic morning,

it's pretty clear to me from the smiles on their faces and the look in their eyes when they meet mine,

that they don't think so.

And that to them, imperfect and flawed me, well, she's a million times better than anyone who's not me.


Because she loves them with every fiber of her gosh-darn being, and that's something no 'perfect woman' can even come close to imitating.

So next time you're thinking the same,

pondering if yours could do better,

open your eyes and remember that

they are not,

they can't,

and they don't want to.

No one can love your family as you can, and THAT is your superpower.

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