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Challenge: I'm a Great Mom Because...

Motherhood isn't about getting everything right

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Motherhood isn't about getting everything right.

I'm eight years into my motherhood journey, and I'm just figuring that out.

I'll call it a win because I don't think it's far-fetched to assume that it takes some women a lot longer to come to this realization.

And, to be honest, I know I'll probably waiver in my belief of it.

But motherhood ISN'T about getting everything right.

It's really not.

You will want everything to go right, of course.

And, you will work your damndest to make sure it does.

But it won't.

Because it's motherhood and it's both messy and beautiful like that.

As a recovering and sometimes relapsing perfectionist, I struggle with this.

I struggle with motherhood hard.

It's a true challenge for me to make the same mistakes day after day after day.

I've already made some today, and I'll make more again tomorrow.

Not for lack of trying.

Not for lack of having the desire to improve and be a better parent.

But because parenting, and more specifically mothering, is just that hard.

It requires you to not only be a good human but to raise one or more good humans and to take on such a monumental task with

little sleep,

numerous interruptions,

a shit-ton of coffee,

after a glass of wine,

under the weight of a gazillion responsibilities,

while you're hangry,

and with the tears flowing

-- yours and the tiny people's --

without faltering.


I flippin' falter getting out of the bed and tripping over my own clumsy self.

I freakin' pack both my daughters' lunches in one of their lunch boxes, leaving the other wondering where in the hell her dino nuggets are.

I let my kids leave the house in stained clothes and with unbrushed hair.

I complain about all of the crap I need to get done and spend my time writing articles about it instead of getting any of it done.

I want to lose weight, but I eat like shiitake (not the mushrooms).

I want to be more mindful, but my mind is too fudgin' full to chill the heck ever.

But my kids are good kids.

They are happy kids.

They are socially adept.

They are empathetic.

They are present and aware.

They are informed and curious.

They are hardworking and passionate.

They are relentless when it comes to what they want.

They are kind.

They are honest.

Overall, they are good eggs, and I can't help but believe that I must be, too.

Motherhood isn't about getting everything right, and thank God for that.

'Cause, really, how boring would it be for them and us if we never make mistakes, have to problem-solve or have opportunities for self-growth and transformation?

I'm eight years into my motherhood journey, and I've got nothing figured out except for the fact that I know I don't have to be getting everything right to be mothering well.

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