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Affordable truck rental to move in college dorm room

The cost of getting a quality education is very high. It is time when you already feel low in finances therefore it becomes important to get an affordable truck rental to move items that you have packed to move in a college dorm. Yes, college dorm moves are smaller therefore renting a small size uhaul truck rental is a wiser option for you.

Have a look at these tips to have stress free college move with affordable truck rental!!!

Tip no. 1: Think about the space where you are moving

Are you going on campus to live in a dorm room or you are going to rent an apartment there? First of all, you need to decide. Because this will help you in determining the space you have. In dorm rooms, you would not get enough space to keep your items stored. As well as most of the dorms have facilities such as a chair, desk, and bed in their room, therefore, you don’t need to transport furniture items while on the other hand, when you are going to rent an apartment there then you would not get such items. Remember that you are going to a space that is much smaller than the space you have in your usual home. It is recommended you to pack the items that are essential for you to live.

Tip no. 2: Make sure you contact your roommates before

Are you heading into college for the first time? If yes, make sure you contact the roommate in advance. This helps you to coordinate with what you should bring with you. So, you would not get duplicate items in the dorm room. There is no use of items if you both bring the same items such as a mini-refrigerator or microwave. This will help you bring a lower number of items with you, therefore, you can hire a smaller size of the truck.

Tip no. 3: Determine how you will reach there

Figure out how you will reach there. Are you going to drive your car on your own? Are you going to visit your parents? To make sure that all your stuff fits into the truck that you have rented, it is important to know how you will move. If you are going to move in a car, then you can fit a few items there in the car as well. You can also think about the cargo vans that are easy to drive on your own to save the cost of the truck rental. If you have some treasured items to move with you, it is safe to transport these into the car rather than in the truck.

Tip no. 4: Start before time

Yes, it is exciting to move to a college dorm but at the same time, it is a task that requires a lot of time. Make sure you start before time with a master plan in your mind so you can do this task without any stress.

Tip no. 5: Pack like a pro

The more the space items will take the higher the truck size you will need. Therefore pack like a professional so you can load more items in a smaller size of the truck. You should also rent the furniture pads to ensure that the items will reach their destination without any scratches on it.

Tip no. 6: Detailing

Make sure you call the rental truck at least 24 hours before to confirm the reservation and to make sure that it will reach to your home on time. It is recommended you reserve a truck at least one month before so you can get a good deal and can hire a truck at affordable rate.

These are the tips that will help you to have stress free move while renting a truck at affordable rates.

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