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Planning to rent a RV for your holiday?

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Are you planning a RV holiday of late? Well, you can take to RV rentals here as treading in moving accommodation assures unparallel freedom, joy and sheer excitement.

Small is good

Large motorhomes can be cumbersome to travel with and hence it’s better to rent a towable trailer or truck camper here. These smaller RVs assure easy drive and convenient access to places not viable for big motorhomes. Besides, you would save on fuel as well.

Pros & cons of renting Truck Camper

The pros:

  • You would be able to reach out to rugged areas which is not possible for big RVs.
  • Public campgrounds host more number of campsite options especially meant for the small RVs.
  • It’s easy to park & maneuver small RVs in urban congested areas.
  • It’s simpler to drive truck campers in tricky areas.
  • You will benefit from lower operational costs.

The cons:

  • The small size might not be adequate for small families and couples.
  • You would have to refill the supplies & dump down waste more often.
  • Everything from holding tank to refrigerator space will be on smaller scale compared to other RVs.
  • The entry steps could be difficult for the physically challenged travelers.

However, if you are zeroing on truck camper, you must pack conservatively to ensure maximum comfort.

Pros & cons of renting Travel Trailer

Trailer rental assures slightly more storage and living space in comparison to truck camper which implies you would be able to travel with family and kids. The cost is slightly higher as well.

The pros:

  • More selections & location availability in comparison to truck camper.
  • Familiarity & comfort with vehicle handling & control.
  • More options to explore with one’s own vehicle.
  • Bigger fuel savings while compared to usual motorhome rentals.

The con:

The biggest con of renting Travel Trailer is that you have to practice the driving backing and maneuvering techniques real hard to ensure complete comfort behind the steering. Solo travelers might face difficulties while backing as there would be nobody to guide him to the right spot.

General cost considerations on RV rentals

Mileage fees

RV rentals carry mileage allotment & you would be charged if you get overboard with the set share. Thus, before settling the rental contract, know about the mileage to be allotted every rental period or per day and also the charges for getting overboard.

Smokers & pets

It might not be possible to smoke inside your rented RV.

While many companies do not allow pets in RV, there are still some who will allow you to carry your pet in the rented RV. The private party RV rentals usually offer better options for pets and smokers.

Age & insurance requirements

In most of the cases, the RV driver should be minimum 25+ & carry complete vehicle liability coverage.

Miscellaneous fees

When you have taken to RV rental, the daily fees would include meals, lodging & fuel. The costs to be considered are:

  • Propane
  • Generator fuel
  • Fees for sanitary dump-station
  • Post-rental cleanup fee
  • Miscellaneous extras for dishes, linens, bike racks etc.

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