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College Dorm Room Essentials and know How to Stay Organized During the College Time

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So, what is the truth and what you need to bring with you in a college dorm room? Most students find it confusing to decide what to bring in the college dorm as most of the available must-have lists present on the internet are so long and it is not feasible to follow these. That is why we have come up with the truth about what will you need there. From making a moving checklist to finding an affordable movers, have a look at what all you need to do before you move:

Buy a good backpack

You need to haul the campus of the college with the books and laptop with you. Carrying all these items without having a good backpack could be a big hassle, so buy a good backpack first before you buy anything else.

Comforter and blanket

Blanket and comforter is not just a matter of style but as well as for your comfortable stay there in the college dorm. So, make sure you buy the right blanket and comforter for you according to your personal needs.


Make sure you make your bed comfortable after all, you need to spend a lot of time on your bed for late-night studies. So, buy comfortable pillows for you and make your bedding comfortable.

Good quality of water bottle

Remember that you are going to your college dorm for a long time so make sure you bring a good quality of water bottle with you that will help you to stay hydrated.

Don’t forget to bring hangers

Closets in the dorm room are small in size. To keep more clothing items stored in an organized way in lesser space, it will be a good option to bring hangers in your college dorm.


Living in a college dorm means you are sharing germs because from living to eating, you will get a common area for all. So, a sanitizer in such a case is a must-have item for you to get rid of the germs spreading like a wildfire in college.


Bring a pair of towels with you in a college dorm or more. Remember that you need to live in a college dorm for 4 years to complete your professional degree. So, pack at least one pair of towels with you.

A microwave and mini-refrigerator

Some college dorms come with pre-installed microwave and mini-refrigerator facilities while other does not. It would be a good idea to heat the snacks using the microwave and keeping food items safe for a longer time in a mini-refrigerator. After all, you can’t focus on studies when you are hungry which makes a microwave and mini-refrigerator must-have items in your college dorm.

A laptop and a printer

Laptop and printer are also must-have items in the college dorm to complete your studies because, in most of the colleges, printing documents are required.

A power charger

Remember that college time is one of the busiest times you will spend therefore having a portable charger will be a good option for you. It will make your college life much easier.


Though college kids do not find enough time to iron their clothes for events, meetings, special meetings, you need to look your best, therefore, iron is an ideal item to take with you. It also helps you to make space in your wardrobe for extra clothing items.

Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies are also one of the must-have items that you should bring with you. Make sure you bring a large number of disinfectant wipes and so on.

Now, you don’t need to waste money on the items that would not need there. Just bring the above-written items and some other items as per your needs in the college dorm.

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