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Challenge: Romance After Kids

Keeping it Hot and Fresh In Your Marriage

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Make no mistake about it -- your relationship is the backbone of your family. When your marriage is solid, taking care of the kids and the household will be a labor of love and abundance, rather than a stressful list of chores.

And it just so happens that sex and romance are necessary staples of any successful marriage.

When sex and romance are dull or nonexistent, it will take its toll on your relationship, and this stress may show up in both your relationship and your parenting.

Sexlessness is something that affects 20% of marriages.

To avoid these sorts of issues, you need to keep your finger on the pulse.

Get a Hotel Once a Month

Remember back in the hot days of your relationships, where things were still light and loose? Something like grabbing a hotel across town for a night or a weekend rendezvous was thrilling, and only took the swipe of a credit card.

But now that your life has lots of responsibility, not the least of which is the raising of children, you most likely would get anxiety at the notion of leaving the kids to book a hotel room.

This is exactly why you need to do it.

Familiarity is comforting, but it does nothing for that spark in your relationship. If you need to spend a little bit of money once a month to better your sex and romance life, you can think of it as an investment, rather than a burden.

Even if you're just booking a hotel in the same city, you'll love the way it makes you feel. Take this time to reconnect, drink wine, order room service and spend all your time and attention on each other.

Use Technology to Keep Things Flirty

With today's technology you can literally have foreplay all day, every day.

A lot of partners are choosing to use the Couple App or private group chats as a way to constantly communicate and flirt with each other throughout the day. Cellphones today have insane camera technology, so don't shy away from dolling yourself up and sending some sexy photos back and forth.

Building this anticipation will make you want to spend some alone time, which keeps the flame going in your marriage.

Keep Yourselves in Great Health

If you want to have the sex drive, energy and presence of mind to show up in your relationship, it's important to take care of your health first and foremost.

Maintaining your nutrition and health will allow you to keep your testosterone and estrogen levels balanced, which leads to more virility. You'll also be able to stay energized and fit. Plus, when both your bodies are toned and in great condition, you'll continuously keep attraction up during all ages.

Make sure that you stay hydrated, eat quality foods and find a workout plan that will help you maintain a toned, fit body.

Consider these points so that you can stay on fire for each other.

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