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If we cannot stand up to injustice, we have failed as human beings.

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I do see color.

I see white.

I see brown.

I see black.

I see color.

I see differences, we all do.

What I don’t see, is why it matters.

What I don’t see is why the color of one’s skin may deem him unworthy, unacceptable, or dispensable.

What I cannot understand, is how we are all the same on the inside yet categorized by our appearances.

What I cannot understand is why we cannot honor our differences.

When a white mother can send her children walking to school with not a worry on her mind while a black mother anxiously lets them out the door praying they come home safely, that is white privilege and it exists.

You cannot deny it.

A white mother doesn’t have to worry when her son decides to wear a hoody, a black mother does.

A black mother needs to teach her son to never, ever speak back to an officer if he gets pulled over-whether or not he is right or wrong.

A black mother needs to teach her children that they cannot speak up.

A black man is unprivileged no matter what we say.

If people find themselves uncomfortable saying “black lives matter” then they need to look deep within themselves and see what in those 3 words bothers them so deeply. What is it, in recognizing the significance of fellow human beings’ life, that brings another human so much hatred?

Every life is a life that matters, a life worth living, a life-period.

But we live in a white man’s world. A world where a black man’s oppression and pain is invalid and undocumented.

We live in a white supremacy no matter what anyone says.

This is the world we live in.

An unjust world.

A world where one life will always matter more than another depending on skin color.

Racism is a disease running deep within our society, culture, and homes. If we cannot stand up to this injustice, then we have failed as human beings.

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