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Teaching Kindness to Children in 3 Steps

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Teaching Kindness to Children

I’m so glad you are reading this! It means you are wanting to begin teaching kindness to your children. It absolutely begins in our homes so let’s do this!!!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what traits & qualities I would like to instill in my son and how my actions teach him everyday and mold him into the man he will one day become. We run across all different kinds of families, it may be at the playground, at the mall, at a restaurant and countless other places.

We struggle with different things but in the end we hope to raise decent human beings. Teaching kindness is a way to start but first I have a little story to tell you.

On the Fourth of July, our neighbor’s children were lighting very loud fireworks at 11:30 at night.

As a parent of a 1 year old you automatically get frustrated, because obviously they are asleep and you think this could possibly wake him up.

Being the mom I am, I went outside and asked the teenagers when they were planning to stop with the fireworks and the girl replied with a smirk on her face “not anytime soon”. Oh that got me angry.

But I politely explained to her and the other kids (and I think a parent or grandparent was with them) what time it was, that there is a noise ordinance in effect for the city, which most cities have. I mentioned I have a one year old that is disturbed by the noise and is trying to sleep.

She really could have cared less. So I did the obvious thing, which was threaten to call the police if she didn’t stop immediately.

By this time my blood was boiling.

I really did my best to diffuse the situation. I asked for them to stop, explained the situation and after that didn’t work, I threatened. I also left them with a nugget of wisdom. In the future please know you don’t live by yourself, the world isn’t yours, you don’t live in a farm away from civilization.

Be considerate to others, don’t think only of yourself.

(The adult was just standing there)

So moms & dads, what are we teaching our children in our homes?

Obviously those children were not taught to be considerate. I felt sad that I even had to go outside to let them know they shouldn’t be doing that and with adult supervision? Just sad.

Is this the kind of behavior that is expected out of children today? And if so, what’s my 1 year old going to be like? Things seem to be going downhill, fast. I hope those children listened to what I said and the adult supervising thought hard about what they are showing those kids and are doing something to correct their behavior.

But being kind doesn’t mean being soft or letting people hurt you or your family. But it does mean handling things with a certain friendliness.

Infancy is a pivotal moment in a human beings life

Infancy is a pivotal moment in a human beings life and I would like my son to live in a world where kindness is rampant.

I believe if we all took the time to be kind to one another, our children would emulate that kindness and they will be left with a better world.Being a mother has made me into a kinder, more accepting human being. The mistakes we make as parents could be nothing or it could have a huge impact on our children.

Parent? Do you want a kind & considerate child in your home?

So, what is kindness really?

how to be kind

Here’s are some ways you can teach kindness to children.


I know, it’s a given, but like I said before, children learn by what they see. If you’re not being kind in your own home or even with strangers; your children will pay attention to your behavior. Being considerate is an amazing trait to have. You will like yourself more, your children will learn from you and others will want to be near you. Be polite, generous, & optimistic. Be genuinely helpful not just because.


Get out there and volunteer; donate some toys, food or clothes to someone less fortunate; help out at an animal shelter (children love animals). Don’t wait for an opportunity to be kind, be random with it. Smile more, put a smile on a strangers face. Kindness is contagious. Spread that on everything! Thank you & please go a long way.


When you see them doing something kind, let them know! Reward them for good behavior. Love on your children. It can be by taking them to their favorite ice cream shop or staying up a few more minutes. Whatever works for your family.

I hope to God we as a community help our children become better people. If we all took a proactive approach to parenting we would be amazed at the results. Let’s not fall into the trap of “Kids will be Kids”. Kids will be whatever we teach them, so teach them well, teach them with purpose and let us make their world a kinder place to hang around.

How are you teaching kindness to your children?

Let me know in the comments below. Let’s help one another succeed!

Thanks for reading!


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