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I overstepped today

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I overstepped today.
I know I did.

But I’m not even sorry.

There was a group of 3 teenage girls standing in front of me in the Target Starbucks line. They were beautiful girls. Absolutely stunning. Until they started talking.

I tried to ignore it.
I truly did.
Until I couldn’t.

“She keeps requesting to follow me. I’m gonna let her but I’m totally not following her back. She’s fat and wears clothes 4 sizes too small”

“Alana’s boyfriend Ethan keeps DM’ing me. I’m not telling her but I’m totally leading him on because he’s hot and he can do so much better than her”

“My mom told me not to buy extra today but I know your family is kinda poor so I’ll pay again this time”

Then they took each other’s least 28x...while insulting each other in the pictures. You look awful.. you look homeless.. I can’t even post this because you’re so gross in it...

I couldn’t help myself.
I stopped them.
I gently encouraged them to be kind.

I explained that I have 3 sons and I can only hope they end up with beautiful girls like them. And that inner beauty and kindness is difficult to find these days. I told them to keep smiling and then paid for all three of their drinks.

They looked at me like I was old. And insane. And had I been a little older I’m pretty sure I would have heard an “ok boomer” thrown out. I don’t care.

It doesn’t cost anything to be kind. I don’t have daughters. But I can still believe in the good in young women. Don’t ruin outer beauty with inner ugly. Especially if you’re doing it to impress your friends.

Someone who’s been there. On both sides.
It’s not worth it.

Nicki, Momming all the Boys

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