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How to teach your kids to love writing

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There is no limit to our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions. As we grow older, our mind seems to be expanding further. Articulation of your thoughts and emotions is an art. Articulation through written words is a complex procedure. Writing is not simply just a means to exploit the imaginative prowess of one’s brain its importance is many folds. Writing forms the basis of communication in our day-to-day lives; it plays an important role in keeping records of time, of history. Writing reflects one’s personality; the kind of human being on is. Many, especially children tend to find the idea of writing quite overwhelming. This is so because first of all for children there is always an academic or institutionalized orientation with this habit. Although schools preach the benefits and necessities of such a habit, children find it to be imposed on them in the form of homework. Secondly, when children are told to write an essay on so and so topic, the first thing that comes to their mind is a piece of written work which is well-structured, well-ornamented creative rendition with factual correctness.


Written work cannot be excluded from school curriculum; students will be given essays to write on a variety of topics in order to expand their field of vision. However, parents must step and carve out some time from their 9 to 5 jobs and pay heed to their children’s lessons. The must help them to generate a liking for writing. They should not be asked to start off with a limited set of topics. Instead, they must be encouraged to write about whatever they like: whatever interests them, their hobbies, their favorite people and so on.

The benefits of inculcating the habit of writing are numerous and parents must simplify these benefits in order to ensure that their children can grasp the importance of benefits of engendering such a creative habit. Though the effort applied varies from age to age parents must, nonetheless, do the needful.

  • Writing offers an outlet to your emotions. By letting out whatever comes to your mind, it helps you reduce your level of stress. It clears your mind making space for it to enjoy your daily life.

  • If you build the habit of writing it helps you record your memories and thereby recall it whenever you feel like.

  • In this digital age we have to process an enormous of information on a daily basis. Children being born in this day and age are growing up engendering the same habit. Amidst this keeping the habit of writing helps your record essential details and ideas that might come handy later on.
  • The habit of writing if made into a habit from an early age will gradually enhance one’s flair of writing thereby improving as time progresses. This pays off in the future when your children will have to file reports for the day-to-day business proceedings of his/her company.

  • Writing helps to shape your ideas. While your children might not be able to write like an expert at one go, making him partake in exercises will gradually improve his expressive qualities; structuring ideas and opinion is an essential requirement for a good answer at college and university levels. Writing like a professional may not come at the very first instant but as you know, practice makes a man perfect. Writing on a regular basis will develop your personality and help you build character as you will be able to express your thoughts better and communicate better with other. It will bring a wholeness to your character.

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