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How to motivate your child to sports

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The ultimate goal for every parent is to see his/her child grow healthy while developing his/her talent. The secret to understanding what your child is good at is by letting him/her play different sports at an early age. Laszlo Polgar, a Hungarian teacher, and psychologist theorized that you could make your child a genius in any field through early training; he did this by teaching his daughter how to play chess; currently, she is regarded as the best player in the world. With that knowledge, you can introduce your child to is baseball at an early age and as much as the rules will seem a bit complicated to understand it gets interesting gradually. Below we will discuss ways that you can motivate your child to play baseball.


Practice together

A young child learns to love what her guardian loves. At this young age let your child learn the basic skills and rules of the game. On weekends you can take your child out and practice together, where you make it enjoyable, let him learn how to swing or throw a ball. Over time he will be looking forward to weekends so that he can enjoy a good day while playing the sport. Additionally, you should make it a trend to watch and attend the annual championships together. The adrenaline and the fun will surely entice the child to try and make those home runs while playing.

Role model

Just like soccer has Messi and golf has tiger woods, baseball also has great players who have graced that field. Make it a habit of loving a specific player who has shown great skill and character over the field. Simple stuff such as t-shirts which have his/her name printed on it will go a long way in motivating your child to play. With this, kids will try to develop their skills day in and day out all in a bid to perfect their skills as their role models

Support a specific team

It is no secret that children support teams that their parents and grandparents have supported over the years. It is always a dream to play for that team while receiving enormous support from the crowd. By supporting a specific team, you are laying the groundwork for your child to love that sport. In the process, your child will fall in love with the team and end up practicing in a bid to furnish his skills.

Join baseball team in school

The tried and tested method of having a child fall in love with a specific sport has been down to asking them to join school teams. By joining a baseball school team, your child will learn and develop skills which will give him confidence while playing.


The secret to motivating your child to love baseball lies down to what age you begin to impart skills. One of the tested and tried method that has worked overtime is by letting your child join a school baseball team. With this, your child will enjoy the game as he plays with his friends while you cheer along.

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