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Challenge: Raising Kind Kids

How To Be A Good Father

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The moment you become a father your life changes completely. Instead of living for yourself and having a lot of free time, now you think only about your baby and don’t even have time to sleep good. Parenting is like a job and you must be good at it, if you want to raise a good son or daughter. But how to become a good father? What do you have to do in order to have a baby you can be proud of in the future? Here are few tips for those who just became a father or preparing to become one soon.

Be affectionate

Babies need to feel love. This makes them happy. So, don’t hide your feelings. They love such things like kissing, hugging and snuggling and you should do it every day to show your love.

Spend a lot of time with your baby

This will show your child that he or she is important to you. They will remember it as the best moments of their life when grow up, and you will never regret about spending time with your family. Play together, read, watch TV etc. Use every possibility to be with your baby, because nothing in this world is more important than this.

Never abuse your child

Do not forger that your kid just starts living and doing some mistakes. There is no reason to hurt or hit him. This will ruin your baby’s love to you and all your relationships. Do not even call him a bad word, such as idiot or stupid. If he did something wrong, just speak with him, explain his mistake and give good advice.

Teach him

Father is a role model for every child, especially for boys, even if they do not realize it. They learn how to live and understand what things are important, when look at the parents. Explain your kids what is right and what is wrong and always help them with everything they do.

Be respectful

You should respect not only your kids, but their mother also. Mutual respect is important to build strong and happy family, and makes children feel themselves loved. Respect also increases their self-esteem and allows to achieve success in life.

Parenting is not easy, because you have to learn a lot and improve yourself day by day. But this is our duty and we cannot refuse it. I hope this tips will help those who trying to be loving, supportive, and engaged fathers. Someday your efforts will be rewarded and you will be proud of your child.

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