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Keys to conscious parenthood

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It is true that in our society there are many stories in which parents have not given their best, are not very effective, are absent or do not take into account the needs of their children. However, on the other hand, we have parents who actively live the upbringing and care of their children, covering all aspects: mental, physical and emotional.

They become active agents throughout the process, experiencing a beautiful invention of their own and, from a place of integrity, share the best of themselves with their children.

Exercising conscious parenthood

We live in times when the father who accompanies his baby, changes diapers and eagerly participates in the development of the child is the one who "helps" the mother. This is a thought that we must eradicate from our collective vocabulary. When the father performs all these tasks, it is when he is truly exercising his fatherhood.

And it must be a joy to do it ... Being a father, like being a mother, represents a great responsibility. And we cannot limit ourselves exclusively to the material aspect.

We must emphasize the importance that the father has in the life of his children. Gone are those obsolete thoughts that some parents carry in their mental framework, such as "the mother is the only one that has relevance in raising the child."

Exercising conscious parenthood, together with the mother, as a team, is key to raising healthy children and most importantly, that in the future they feel loved, free and self-sufficient.

Presence and quality of time with your children:

Thinking of yourself as a creative agent, you will be helping your little one to grow and evolve. Since he is in the womb he participates actively during his development. As it grows, be aware of what you need, listen to it and support it. This will develop trust and love between you.

Parenting Participation:

Take advantage of any moment with your little one and come to participate in tasks such as changing his diaper, a massage before bed, taking him to the crib and calming his tears. The complicity this generates is beautiful.

Emotional approach:

The relationship you develop with your child is important for the future. Having an affectionate and unconditional contact with him opens the doors to show you what he feels, in an environment of trust and security.

The one that expresses your emotions is vital learning during their upbringing. So you must evaluate your emotions, regulate and express yourself in the best way with your little ones.

Good communication:

Developing an assertive way to communicate with your children will greatly benefit your relationship with them. Listen carefully and express yourself in the best way you can with them, let them always give their point of view.

Let him know when you share what they say and correct in a good way what you think is wrong. Being a severe and disrespectful father never leads to a good path. On the contrary, express yourself firmly but with respect.

I always respect:

Respect plays a fundamental role in raising our children. Conduct yourself respectfully with all members of your family, do not mistreat your children verbally or physically, be open to them and explain the importance of this value throughout their lives. They will not learn with our daily speech, your example is the best way to raise them. Follow Us for more articles like this.

Unconditional love:

That they feel your love without any limit will benefit both you and your offspring. A good family environment where you feel safe and loved will strengthen your self-esteem and love for them, will make them whole and healthy beings, capable of regulating their emotions and knowing how to express themselves to the world.

Parents do have a lot of importance in raising children. Being aware and responsible parents will contribute to the mental, physical, and emotional health of your children. In addition, this is a journey of discovery with its emotional side, which benefits men in many aspects, both in their self-esteem and in relationships.

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