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How Kids Can Grow Up Most Prepared for Life

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Parenting can be quite complex. There’s so many things parents want and need to instill in their children in order for them to be successful in life. Yet, the way children pick things up includes the ideals and sayings passed around the dinner table, each of his or her parent’s actions, the surroundings and environments we place our children in, the things we permit, and much much more.

In an attempt to be the best parent I can be, I try to learn from people all around me. One of the people I have learned a few lessons from is Thomas Coffman. Thomas was a Wide Receiver with a full ride from Colorado State University, he’s seen the ins and outs of the development of people on a team throughout his playing days, meanwhile he’s also a successful business owner of a business that he started with his college Quarterback (who ended up becoming a third round draft pick).

In my conversation with Thomas, he spoke about his experience in football, as well as his growing success in business. He said the differentiating factors he has seen amongst his surroundings is whether they’ve learned to believe in G-d, overcome opposition, and how to place yourself in life. All of which I wanted to cover how we can learn to instill that in our kids in the ever-growing society of today.

Firstly, Thomas says, that there are always times when people will have challenges and difficulties, it’s important to teach kids how to be able to have a strong core belief in G-d when times are tough, just as well as when they are good. Instill in your children a deep connection with their belief in G-d and it will do wonders as they grow older and face opportunities ahead. He says, “I’ve seen it on the field, I’ve seen it in business, when people don’t have G-d to turn to they don’t handle struggles in the best of manner, they don’t see a purpose to their pains, and they give up more than their believing peers.” When we teach our children about G-d from a young age, it gets instilled in them that they come from something more than just flesh and blood. It allows our kids to tap into the infinite in their lives and it’s a huge gamechanger.


Secondly, I gathered from Thomas that the art of overcoming opposition was something he felt his upbringing taught him. Many times children are taught the opposite. They are taught that life is handed to you, all you have to do is whine and complain. That attribute is carried forth in a person’s endeavors. Obviously, when they are young, they are incapable and don’t know better. Yet, as they grow old, more and more we can instill in them that they have an innate ability to persevere when things get tough and in fact it’s a good thing to find it within themselves and do so. It’s how we speak about struggle, competition and the like that they pick up. How we deal with ourselves, as well.

Thirdly, we have to teach them to put themselves in the right places. How common it is that good kids get wrapped up with the wrong people. When we show them it is a priority to allow the right people in, and to push away the wrong ones, we change things for the better. Perfect your surroundings and they will learn that from you.

All in all, we have many things we can learn from the people we meet. I’m amazed by how much I learned from an Entrepreneur and Football Player about parenting. Everyone’s journey bespeaks wisdom and its up to us to see it for ourselves. I appreciate Thomas for having enlightened me, and I will be sure to implement this myself, I hope you each do, as well.

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