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Challenge: Walking the Talk

How I manage to work from home while caring after two kids.

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Working from home is good on so many sides. Not having to commute saves funds and time and can really make you more comfortable. A plenty of free tools make it still simple to check in with job teammates. And if you want to work in sweats or pajamas, you can.


But there are difficulties, as well. How do you keep from getting confused with domestic responsibilities? How do you handle a friend who stops by unannounced in the middle of the day? How do you get anything done if you have children around?

A lot of us want to be their own chief, right? But beginning your own business is something for, well, childless specialists.

What if I told you that you are wrong?

I had my first baby when I was 25 and took some time off job. Most people would see this as a setback but it gave me a little bit of time to read into what I loved - web development.

The challenges of coding with kids

Being a mother is a “job” that never ends. It’s the most difficult role I’ve ever had! I have to be the best entertainer, housekeeper, nurturer, errand runner, chef, singer, nurse, teacher and storyteller. The list goes on. Even when my kids are asleep, I’m on standby, waiting to drop everything to tend their needs.

With that in mind, getting time to code was the most serious difficulty. My husband worked away and for most of the week, I was in the care of two toddlers. It was exhausting! At the start, I could only code after they stayed asleep.


The main benefit of working from home is the flexibility to work when and wherever you need. If you are already verified web developer, you can choose how many hours you would typically waste on a project each day and then measure it based on your record.

Some Web developers have a level 2 or 4 year-programs and certifications in web developing. But above all, prosperous developers have a deep passion to learn always, whether its programming, scripting, graphic design and markup languages HTML 5, CSS, Javascript or XML , or other fields.

Note that if you are just beginning a career as a freelancer, you might have customers calling on you at different hours of the day or night. In this situation, you need to be adaptable to support their needs primarily if you are still making your portfolio and reputation in the freelancing business.

Be clear about your working conditions

Post your hours of operation on your door, as with any office and stick to them. Indicate on your voicemail your hours of work and refer the caller to your home phone if it is personal.


Starting out a web development company

Starting out a web development business was actually almost simple. I used a website called Upwork which lets you bid for work and made it up there. By doing an astonishing job on most project I got a lot of word-of-mouth company.

You don't get that sort of flexibility outwith being self-employed. Given a lot of businesses are becoming more manageable but you cannot equal being your own boss!

For many working parents and for the companies that hire them, remote work is a go-to move for improving work/life balance, productivity, and maintenance.

Having no set record might make you slack off in many forms such as setting off that web development project you have planned in favor of playing outside with the children. Therefore, web development requires sheer discipline to guarantee you follow the schedule you make and don't succumb to distractions.

As long as I have a plan on how to finish the list of daily tasks on my individual to-do list, it doesn't matter if or how I may be suspended, as long as I get everything done by the end of the day.

Get out of the house

Leaving my home to work helps divide my work time and personal time.

Absence of External Pressures

It is too easy to do anything you want when you are alone and no one is watching you which can make productivity levels plummet drastically. To avoid this, make a daily or weekly plan and stick to it.

Networking skills

Finally, work from home web developers have to consider for the problem of reduced networking. Without an office, administrators, trade shows, and outings, there are simply defined opportunities to move higher and/or outward from your current professional standing.

Find methods to help others in your expert circle on the understanding they will help you too. Make the initial move with a few people to create a foundation for getting work down the road. Some may set out to be less than fair on giving you back, but the property will more likely than not be deserving that risk.

Choosing to start a work from home web development company for yourself is the dream of many groups in the field. Of course, the process of pulling it off is a little easier said than accomplished. With that said, it’s absolutely achievable as long as the right points are considered for, in addition to your web development skills and knowledge.

Where I am today

I have been learning and coding for about a year, part-time. I’ve achieved three certificates from freeCodeCamp. I have been working at Lilo, that delivers comprehensive and result-oriented website design and web development solutions for companies. Now I have a web development company. We are freelancing as web developers and we have built a lot of commercial websites. We have clients we are working with now to redesign and develop their websites. I’m also continuing my studies with freeCodeCamp and other platforms.

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