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Work as Mom Freelancer from Home

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Today, a stay-at-home mom is no longer a woman whose entire life revolves around casseroles and pearls. She could very well be a freelancer, the CEO of the company she owns, or even a writer. Earlier, a woman would have been forced to choose between her career and her family. But now, it is no longer a question of "one" or the "other". Furthermore, for single moms, giving up a lucrative career is not an option. After all, she did not grind through grad school if her only goal in life was to be stuck changing diapers.

For a mom who doesn't want to miss out on the good, bad and the ugly bits of motherhood and pursue a career at the same time, freelancing jobs have been a blessing in disguise. Motherhood has its own tough challenges and sweet rewards and a nine to five job could make it harder to manage. Work from home jobs or freelancing jobs are rapidly gaining popularity due to a number of benefits that come along with such a job - telecommuting, flexible and easy working hours, good pay et cetera. While the world wide web really has proven to be a wonder, it has also provided innumerable career opportunities for people with less time on their hands, like moms, and little or no experience.

There are a plethora of freelance jobs that women could opt for, which have long-term or short-term contracts, full-time and part-time hours. For example, virtual teaching, writing, graphic design, marketing, copywriting and software development are emerging as popular career options for women. All of these jobs allow moms to enjoy the best of both worlds, without having to apologize for their choices. As a mother, she will be required to pay attention to a gazillion things at once, and such freelance jobs enable her to do that. Speaking of the nature of freelance jobs, one common problem that freelancers often face is that they have to regularly communicate with people from across the borders, and language issues can make or break the deal. But the internet really has reduced the world to a global village. All one has to do is go online and look up a translation company to do the the needful. A simple Google search will reveal hundreds of similar companies which offer translation services. Having a child is quite an expensive affair, and freelance jobs could offer a way out of that. Different freelancing jobs have different pay rates, usually on an hourly basis; it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that a freelancer can earn anything between $10-$250 per hour, which is definitely more than mere pocket change.

Juggling motherhood, marriage and a career can be stressful, but freelancing jobs mean lesser workload and working hours as chosen by the woman herself. It really couldn't get simpler than that. Plus, studies have show that stay-at-home moms are great at multitasking, delegating authority, and maintaining a strict code of discipline while working; in other words, they get things done. This essentially makes them great candidates for successful freelancing careers.

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