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Healthy Hobbies That Parents Can Share With Their Teenagers

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Being a parent of a relatively easy going teenager is hard enough but imagining a rebellious teenager might make many parents shudder. Getting any teenager to spend time with his mother or father is extremely difficult as they seem to only hang out with friends. Your teen might think that you have nothing in common and they might be correct. For this reason a hobby that both of you can share can bring you closer than ever. The following are some hobbies that are healthy for parents to share with their teenagers.

Collections of Any Kind

Collecting something like Limoges Boxes can be a great idea to do with your teen. While your teenage boy might not be a fan of starting a collection with their mother, a teenage girl will be able to see the appreciation you have for your collection. Sports cards used to be a great hobby that many people enjoyed but this has declined a bit. Doing a renovation or home improvement project with the entire family can be something that everyone bonds over as well. Work together as a team doing something to stay close to your teen. Do not force a hobby on them but rather become interested in something they love collecting. The reward as a parent is a teen that wants to spend time with you.

Going To The Gym

Families are seen more and more at the gym as a parent that stresses a healthy lifestyle often promotes this to their children as well. The teenage years are perfect to start lifting weights as girls want to have a toned stomach while many teenage boys want to bench press more than anyone they know. The only thing to beware of is that of embarrassing your teen in some way or another. Continue with your workout if your teen ran into people from school as the odds are the other teenagers do not want to meet you or your significant other.

Playing or Watching Sports of Any Kind

Families often share interests in specific sports that either their teens love or the parents played themselves. The most important thing about this is not to force your sport on your teen. Living vicariously through your teen playing sports can be done but it should be done carefully. Pushing a teen too hard at a sport can lead them to hate a sport they once enjoyed because you as a parent do not know their mental limits. Watching sports can be just as entertaining with your teen as families often times have rivalries because everyone likes a different team.

Cooking Together

Learning how to cook can help a teen bond with their mother or father depending on which parent is teaching them. Often times a mother and a father specialize in preparing a certain meal so the teen can learn the best of both worlds. A teenage boy might be weary of learning how to cook until he understand how much women love a man that can cook. Being multidimensional makes you more attractive to everyone and will make your teens great college roommates. The years of learning to cook by trial and error that occurs for some in college can be skipped.

As you can see teens can share healthy activities with their parents. Tread lightly if you are a parent as a teen will resist you trying to bond with them if they are aware it is something you want to do. The teenage years can be much better than parents had to deal with in the past as many families are having more and more in common.

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