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Dear Moms of Teenagers You Are Not Alone

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Are you a lonely Mom or Dad of a teenager?

If you answered yes, then I am here to tell you dear moms of teenagers you are not alone.


I recently read a blog post that a friend shared on Facebook titled, "Dear Lonely Mom of Older Kids" and it really got me thinking.

The article talked about many of the things that make up the roller coaster ride of being a teenager. I am talking about braces, acne, not making a team, changes in friendships, driving a car for the first time, broken hearts, and so much more.

The article spoke about the different types of chaos that comes with having a teen. The author said that there isn't a lot of cute in the teenage type of chaos.

One of the main points of the post was that parenting during the teenage years can often be a lonely time because a lot of it you can't talk about, because your kid would be mad that you overshared.

The author also mentioned that the online world seems to go quiet for the moms of pre-teens, teenagers and young adults.

Here is where I see things differently.

The online world, now that I am a mother of a teenager, has come alive in a different way.

I say, no actually I am shouting, that Mom and Dads you CAN and SHOULD feel free to share all about your teen.

Just because you may now be parenting a child that is not taking cute first wobbly steps, smiling at you with a toothless grin, babbling first words, trying multiple times to hit the ball off the tee or heading off to school for the very first time, that doesn't mean you shouldn't share.

In fact parents of teens should share even more, as the changes that both you and your child might be going through during this phase of life could possibly help another parent feel like they aren't alone.

Very recently over social media I saw parents of teens posting about their young adults starting at a new school, junior high school pictures, about their teen making an elite sports team, the fact that their teen doesn't clean up their room, a teenager who will be getting their braces off shortly, the trials and tribulations of the teenage attitude, a teen who isn't in a rush to grow up, the celebration of a firstborn turning into a teenager, a teenage boy who was disappointed after losing a game and so much more.

Please know that as the mom of a teenager I love, soak up and try to engage with each and every one of these types of social shares from fellow parents of teens.

I appreciate and hope that you continue to share your lives, stories, families, and more with the world, because watching your child grow and transform into a young adult is still cute, just a different phase of cute.

Hear me when I say that I see and find the cute in your chaos, teenage chaos.

Now don't get me wrong, a part of me will always crave the days when my sweet son used to cry if I wasn't in the same room with him, but there is also a part of me that smiles and quietly cheers along the sidelines of life while watching him spread his wings and do his own thing.

[caption id="attachment_5114" align="alignnone" width="640"]Dear Moms of Teenagers You Are Not AloneLeaning against the Kia, my son was feeling a bit defeated after losing a basketball game. [/caption][caption id="attachment_5117" align="alignnone" width="640"]Dear Moms of Teenagers You Are Not AloneMy teen always runs his heart out at his cross county meets. [/caption][caption id="attachment_5116" align="alignnone" width="640"]Dear Moms of Teenagers You Are Not AloneDoing homework with Dad. Co-parenting at its finest.[/caption][caption id="attachment_5115" align="alignnone" width="640"]Dear Moms of Teenagers You Are Not AloneOne of my son's best qualities is that he always lives his best life no matter what others think. [/caption]

Dear moms of teenagers you are not alone.

Parents of teenagers, if at any moment you feel lonely please know that I am here and want to listen, watch, learn and support you as you navigate your way through this unchartered parenting territory.

During any moments of loneliness know that you can always count on me to continue to share my teenage parenting journey, because I think it is a beautiful chapter of life that deserves the spotlight too.



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