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Problems Arising Nowadays in Coping with the Teenagers Kids

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Being a parent of a teenager is no easy task. Your child is undergoing massive transitions. Hence it is essential for the parents to keep a special check on their children and not be a barrier in their life.

If you too are facing problems in coping-up with your teenage child, you are not alone. Here are a few problems related to teenagers that most of the parents face:

1. Not sticking to time limits and curfew

Be it the assignment submission deadline, or the time by which they should be at home, teenagers tend to meet the timelines or more so, purposely exceed them. During this phase of their life, teenagers become rebellious in nature and have a special fondness for breaking rules. Being a parent, you need to be strict but not too much, you need to set curfew reasonably and give reasons enough to compel your kids to abide by that willingly. Tricking them is the trick here.

2. Unruly social circle

You might not approve of your kid's social circle. However, this is the time when kids tend to have an assortment of people in their social circle and thus you need to be patient. You just need to guide them without bugging them too much.

You can do this by telling them, how you like a few of their friends and how you disapprove the behavior of a few others? Your kid will eventually take their call and make their choice judiciously. But, if you form a strong opinion about some of their friends, they will surely not agree with you.

3. Detesting behavior of your teen

You might at times feel that your teen detests you. Try to understand them and be friendly with them instead of holding grudges. This is the period when your child is neither a kid nor an adult and it is a confusing situation for them as well. They tend to behave in a certain manner because they are not able to judge properly. And at other times, they might behave differently because they think, they know everything. Rather than scolding, be patient and wait for them to turn them to you.

4. Social network a boon or a curse

Upgrading with the need of the time might be a good decision, but the social network has eaten up a lot of real socializing, with the new age teens. This is an issue for a lot of parents at present. The kids tend to be glued to social media and spend most of their time there, forgetting everything else.

5. Coping with their mood swings

Teenagers tend to have quite a lot of mood swings. Understanding their moods and acting according to them is another issue for the parents. Psychiatry shows that teenage kids have a lot of troubles in their minds, which they are unable to express, be it peer pressure, failed relationship or other stuff. This might lead to the building-up of a lot of emotions in them and hence, they might go into depression. As a parent, you have to be very patient and take the right step at the right time, to bring peace in the minds of your kids.

6. Health issues

The teenage kids might come up with many different health issues every single day. As a parent, you always need to be on your toes to keep track of your teen’s health and take all the adverse signs into account, to ensure that their health does not go unnoticed at any point.

The teenage is a very vulnerable age as well. This is the time when teens inculcate a lot of bad habits in them. Some of them are from their school or peers, some from adults and other from people around.

7. Procrastinating about studies

This is one of the common symptoms of teenage. They tend to avoid studies as much as possible, pulling an all-nighter before exams, last minute submission of assignments, copying work from other students in the class for assignments. Procrastination is one of the leading bad habits in teenagers these days.

As a parent, you must make them understand the importance of studies in their career without irritating them.

8. Not being a part of clubs

The schools have the facility of various clubs in order to promote the extracurricular activities of the teens and give a platform for their talents. The teens at times think that there is no use of these clubs and think these clubs to be lame. This is one of the worst things to do for teens. They are unaware of the fact that they are missing out on a huge opportunity, to showcase their talents to the world.

9. Respect is costly

Some of the teenagers even forget to respect their teachers. Only, if they respect their professors and their seniors, they can expect respect from their subordinates and thus, it is something the teenagers must know right from the start. If you give respect, then only you can get it back in various different ways. If you are on good terms with your teachers, you can expect certain favors from them, when in need.

10. Eating out

Teenagers today, feel that everything that is prepared outside is tastier than the home cooked food. Bringing back full lunch boxes and requesting to go out for dinner, every other day is one of the leading bad habits that are spoiling kids health-wise as well. Once in a while eating out is not a problem, as you can balance it with some healthy food, but when it becomes a regular affair, then it’s a huge issue and might even be a problem in the long-term.

In such a case, it is highly recommended to sit with your kid and explain the situation to them.

11. Staying up till late

‘Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise’, this proverb has a lot of significance but today’s teens are far away from that. They tend to stay up till late, not for work purposes but instead spending their time on the social network, watching movies, videos, and similar activities. These simply consume the time and make them inculcate a bad habit. This should be kept in check and rectified by parents.

12. Smoking

Many rebellious teenagers are taking up smoking as a vise these days. This might be as a result of a wrong company or bad influence. Parents must take special notice towards such activities and ensure that they bring their kids out of these habits, as they are extremely injurious to their health. If it is overlooked in the initial stages, it might be a huge problem in the days to come and might even be a habit which is hard to let go. Thus, if your kid smokes, inspire him to quit smoking and introduce him to various smoking alternatives.

Wrapping Up

Teen parents need to be very careful while handling their teenagers, as this is a very vulnerable stage and a delicate age group to handle. Making even the slightest mistake might spoil their lives, once and for all. Being patient and keeping a keen eye on your teens, might be a key to the problem. You must try to be a friend to your teen, rather than rebuking them in everything they do.

What are your views on this? How do you handle your teenage kids? Do share with us in the comments.

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