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From Carrie Bradshaw to Lynette Scavo

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From Carrie Bradshaw to Lynette Scavo

I used to think that I was as cool as Carrie, successful, a party girl, always trying to look amazing and in love with the love of my life. Then all of the sudden I became more like a character from Desperate Housewives!

I’ve been staying at home at working from there for the past year, because having twins plus a toddler, a dog and a husband was a lot for me to handle from the office.

My boss wanted me to give my best and so we agreed that until the twins were ready for preschool I would do most of my work from home and just attend meetings every 2 weeks.

The first few weeks were all calm, babies were most of the time sleeping and I would do all my activities on time.

Weeks after I felt like I was having success on this and everything under control.

Apparently not.

The more I stay at home, the less energy I have, for some reason. I really admire the full time home stayed parents now!

I wouldn’t leave the house at all. I would order online groceries to complete my working hours and be able to have a clean house and clean kids. On the other hand I would be wearing pj's all day...until my coworker came on an unexpected visit.

She had to bring me some urgent papers, so she called me like 2 minutes before getting home, unfortunately too late for me to try to put some decent clothes or makeup!

She asked me if I was sick? I said no, just you know being a mom and working from home...

She answered with an “oh OK!”.

I told my husband when he got back what happened, he didn’t say anything.

However a couple of days after he stayed home, I asked if he was ok? He said yes, I am taking care of the babies and the house, while you go take care of yourself. He gave me a box:

It had a free Pilates class for that day, a gift card to get some coffee and donuts (yay!), a free mani and beautiful Carrie necklace with my name on it!

The box also had a note saying that I was the best mom and wife he could have asked for and that although wearing pajamas was fine for some days, I needed also to spoil myself and be back to my Sex and the City lifestyle.

And we are having dinner tonight, without the kids!

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