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Challenge: Infertility

Faith Hope and Baby Balog

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This post is never something I wanted to share with others. It was never something I thought would happen to us. First and foremost, we want to to thank our family for being there for us and praying for us through this roller coaster and our friends for your love and support and just showing up on our door step to love on us.

On September 25th we transferred one of our baby girl embryos after 6 years of trying. IVF was something we never considered until we were face to face with it. It was an exciting day and the 10 day wait after that was soooo long! Of course we couldn't wait until the blood test so we took a pregnancy test and to our excitement we were pregnant!


We were thrilled and nervous at the same time. At our first sonogram, we couldn't wait to see her. We were so excited. Unfortunately, the nurse told us my gestational sac was small and she couldn't see a fetal pole. We were to come back in a few days to check again. We were an emotional wreck and thought we had lost her.

We went back to our next sonogram and there she was!!! We could see the heartbeat thumping and she was there plain as day. We cried and the nurse cried along with us. We knew our sweet little one was there and we couldn't have thanked the Lord enough. We also had a sonogram the following week to check on her again and she was a tad behind in growth but the heartbeat was strong and she was growing. My Dr. didn't seem to have any concerns and congratulations were at hand. I was to head to my OB and to continue prenatal care under her.

As we headed to my OB we had no clue what was yet to come. The nurse who did our sonogram got up quickly and said she would be right back. Soon after, my Dr. comes in and tells us the baby was only 7 weeks when I should be 9 and there was no heartbeat. She also determined that my body had already started to try to miscarry.

At this point we cannot contain our tears. We are completely devastated because this was not something we thought was going to happen. My RE had told me to stop all of my medication.

Our hearts are torn. We know God is holding our precious baby girl and we know God is good all the time and in all circumstances. We will continue to trust in his timing and his plans for our family. We know he has a plan but we are grieving and we are in pain. We ask for prayers and for support during this time.

We plan to do our next embryo transfer soon and pray this is our chance for our family!

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