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Challenge: NICU Parenting

Our journey to Madelyn

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I met my husband in 2003, I was a sophomore inn high school he had just graduated. We began dating in November of 2003, it didn't take long to realize we were madly in love with each other. We decided pretty quickly we wanted to get married and start a family. 5 years later in 2008 we finally became man and wife, now it was time to add little members to the team. We tried for a while with no results. We realized it was time to have a conversation with my ob/gun. We started a round of Clomid on account I wasn't ovulating on my own. Nothing. Tried again. Nothing. He referred us to a specialist. First appt November 2, 2011. Run some tests, do some labs. Diagnosis: PCOS. Shouldn't be to hard. We start Clomid with iui, still nothing. Time to move onto ivf. Took us a year to save and prepare but we were ready for our first ivf. June of 2014, were so excited, of course it's going to work, why wouldn't it? Retrieval day, we retrieve 26 eggs, 19 fertilized, yes we're off to a great start! 5 days later it's transfer day, 2 being transferred nothing to freeze. It has to work! Test after test, negative! We are devastated why didn't it work? Back to square one. September 2014, emergency visit to fertility doctor for some discomfort..... waiting and waiting..... surprise we're pregnant!!! Do some blood work, go home in disbelief! Come back to do repeat labs, numbers didn't double. Within a week we were pregnant to getting a shot to end it due to failing numbers. So having some discomfort, turns into pain. Doctor does ultrasound, I'm bleeding into my pelvis, emergency surgery to find ectopic in my right tube. My doctor is able to save the tube but now were baffled as to why this happened. We gear up for next ivf. Retrieval day 19 eggs, 15 fertilized. Transfer day we transfer 1 and freeze 3. Ended in a chemical. Do our first frozen transfer, transfer 2. Another chemical. Starting to lose hope and preparing myself to never be a mom. Ivf number 3, I give up after this! Retrieval day, 23 eggs retrieved, 17 fertilized. Transfer day, transfer 2 beautiful blasts, freeze 1. Starting to feel extremely uncomfortable, I'm filling with fluid! I hyperstimulated. My ovaries are engorged. The doctor decides to tap me, 2.5 liters of fluid removed. Slight relief for about 24 hours. Feeling uncomfortable again, start vomiting. They tap me again this time 5 liters. I'm put on bed rest due to risk of ovarian torsion. Day 5 post transfer can't take it anymore, I take a test, the faintest of second lines, but I've been here before. Day 6 a little darker. Day 7, 8, 9 getting even darker. Day 12 day of the blood test, beta 110, we're pregnant!!! Due December 12th, 2017. Numbers keep doubling! Finally almost time for our first ultrasound, but I start to bleed a little and have an odd pain. So we go in early, 5 weeks 6 days there's our baby and there's it's little heartbeat. Big sigh of relief! A couple days later, the pain is back and the bleeding is picking up, all I can think about is my baby! We drove to the ER, it's a long quiet drive. We're both in utter fear. I text my doctor she says she'll meet us there. We get to the ER and they kind of shrug me off. They put me in a room finally, now im in agonizing pain. They do an ultrasound, the tech says she can't tell me anything I'll have to wait for the doctor, she ee must of seen the fear and desperation on my face, she shows me the monitor. You see that there? That's your baby's heartbeat. Huge sigh of relief. I keep telling them to call my doctor, nobody is listening. The ER doctor comes in and tells me I have a large mass and internal bleeding, I tell her no it's my ovaries and fluid from hyperstimulation call my doctor she will tell you. She finally calls my doctor after telling her what she found they inform me I will be prepped for surgery immediately, they think my ovary twisted. All I can think is what about my baby! My ovaries were 23 cm a piece they should of been 2 cm. They put me under and went in. My ovaries were to big to even move so that wasn't it. They looked around discovered my left tube was about to explode, the other embryo! They couldn't save my tube this time. I was 1 in 1,000, I had a heterotopic pregnancy. They closed me up and waited for me to wake. I awoke and couldn't breathe, I was immediately put on bipap. All I could think about, was my baby ok. They explained to me everything they found and that they would not know the status of my baby until they did an ultrasound. They did an ultrasound, perfect little heartbeat at 126bpm. My baby continued to grow, I was finally refused to my ob at 9 weeks. Everything looks great! Ob had me go for the NIPT, inconclusive. Second time, inconclusive. So he tells me he's going to refer me to high risk. We are scared there might be something wrong. We do a quad screen, normal. Big sigh of relief. Continue on, all is well. 15 weeks, it's a girl! We are over the moon! First girl in my husband's family in 15 years! We start talking names, planning baby shower, putting together a registry. September 7th go in for a check up with the high risk, 26 weeks. Everything looks great! They decide to check my cervix, less then a cm. Bed rest it is. They send me to get the steroid shots for her lungs. Follow up with my ob 2 days later, still less then a cm. I'm being admitted, based on I live an hour away, if I labor it will be fast and baby girl is frank breech! I'm given mag to prepare her brain. 27 weeks 6 days at 6:24 pm my water broke, no dilation and no contractions. They start me on antibiotics. That night I came down with a low grade fever and a headache. The next morning fever down but headache raging. By the 1pm I can't stand it anymore and I all nurse for something. She goes to call my doctor. She comes back and her words cut right through my soul. "I spoke with your doctor were taking the baby, her heart rate keeps dipping". I was prepped for a c section. I'm only 28 weeks she's not ready. At 4:25 pm my daughter was delivered via c section at 28 weeks exactly. She was 2.5 pounds and 14.25 in. She came out screaming, the best sound I've ever heard! A huge sigh of relief. She is now 8 week old (36 weeks corrected) and she's thriving. It's been a long road to her existence, to a long road in the nicu, to a long happy fulfilled life I almost thought I'd never have!

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