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Dear Kids, I ain't gonna be that easy to leave

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Dear Kids,

I ain't gonna be that easy to leave.

Right now, you feel suffocated by me.

And, part of you, well, it imagines a life beyond me or at least a life with a little bit less of me and all of my rules and expectations.

You're anticipating the day you turn eighteen and walk away from me and towards a life and choices directed and chosen solely by you.

It sounds exciting.

And, rightfully so, because it absolutely will be.

A life with less of someone, anyone, particularly your mother, telling you what to do it will, will undoubtedly feel freeing and invigorating.

I know.

I've been there.

I was you.

But, do you know what else independence will feel like?

It will be a bit scary and confusing.

Yep, that's the part they don't tell you about.

That's the reality they leave out of the picture-perfect commercials -- that being on your own isn't as easy or fulfilling as it looks, and that, sometimes, you'll miss your mama.

You see, kids, I'm not going to be that easy to leave because though I'm not always a peach and easy to love, love is something I always willing offer up to you, quite regularly on a cleaned by me, sized for you perfect spoon.

And, because of and by the grace of my made-just-for-you love, you recognize and appreciate it's power, and you won't desire to be without it for too long.

Sure, staying up late with your friends will be fun.

It will be exciting to set your own curfew,

go days without eating a vegetable,

slack on your homework,

and live amongst a mess,

but you and I both know that none of that will make you feel as good as your mama does when she cares enough about

what time you get home,

if you ate your green beans,

completed that project,

have enough clean towels and clothes,

and feel secure in who you are as a person and the values you keep.

There may be nothing most kids want more than to escape their well-meaning, but overbearing, helicopter-flying mothers, but I'll tell you this...

those same kids make it around independence block and want nothing more than the incomparable, genuine, and unconditional love and support of their overbearing, helicopter-flying, well-meaning mothers.

Dear Kids,

I'm definitely not the easiest to love, but I ain't gonna be that easy to leave either.

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