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Challenge: Bringing Home Baby: What Do You Wish You’d Known?

Choking and not breathing on her fourth day of life. What I did to make sure it didn't happen again.

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​I remember the exciting moment of giving birth to my daughter Priya. A bundle of joy with yummy big cheeks. Read the books on what to expect during pregnancy and child birth but what I was not aware of was that it was so easy for a baby to choke and stop breathing with intestinal reflux. I remember tucking in my daughter in her beautifully designed cradle with lace and satin. Seeing her sweet little eyes closed and bundled in her cradle made me feel safe. Then the unthinkable happened, if it wasn't for my motherly instinct of feeling something could have been wrong or checking up on Priya I would not have known she was choking and not breathing. Priya's face was a purple blue and instantly I grabbed her out of her cradle and was about to perform infant CPR. When I opened her mouth is when I realized she had choked and stopped breathing due to reflux. Sweeping her mouth clean and literally placing my finger inside her mouth and towards the back of her throat helped her breath again. The lesson I learned that the books didn't tell me was it is more than likely necessary to keep your baby up a few minutes before laying your baby down. To assist in preventing a mishap like this try to keep a mental note to lay your baby on their side after eating. 

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