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An Act of Love

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There is no excuse for abuse of any kind.

When it is brought upon a child, it becomes an even more heinous crime. Whether that crime is punished officially or by the natural consequences of God, and life, I believe it will not go unpunished. As good people we want to see those who bring abuse upon others punished. Even more so, we want them to know they have been punished. Please understand that an abuser is already being punished every moment of every day. His life is hell. He will never be happy.

He will never be free.

What I find even more horrific and unconscionable are those who excuse the abuser's behavior. Those who let him believe he is not accountable and enable him to continue in his abuse are more offensive to me than he.

As human beings we have a responsibility to love one another and sometimes that love looks harsh. Sometimes it means holding our brothers and sisters in this world accountable for their actions. Without accountability there is no freedom. If I love you and you are abusing someone, anyone, I have a responsibility to stand between you and that someone. You may strike me, you may become angry with me. It may sever our relationship, but I will do it because if I don't you will only continue to cause pain to others and yourself.

It is an act of love I offer.

If you are not willing to offer that act, then you cannot truly say you love. If you are willing to stand back, watch the abuse, excuse the abuse, then you are enabling it further and earn the same punishment as he whom you hide. Love him! Help him! Protect those who cannot protect themselves. That is what we are called to do. Truly love. Even when it is difficult.

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