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Challenge: Follow Your Dreams

A Purposeful Life for Moms – My 5 Step Process

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A Purposeful Life for Moms

Hey mom, do you have a purposeful life? I hope you answered YES because you most definitely do! The next question is…are you living your purposeful life?

There are many books, courses, blogs, coaches, teachers, mentors, group programs, and other leaders in the world that teach people how to find and live their purpose. While we all have a different technique to help you get there, the ultimate goal is that we want to see everyone living a purposeful life.

As a mom you have a beautiful purpose. You are blessed with the opportunity to love, care for, and raise another human being (or two or three!) and help them grow into their amazing self. And this purpose is both terrifying and magical and huge!

Yet I still believe you have another purpose. You, as an individual, have a purpose to fulfill in this world. I believe we all have this unique gift. It’s inside our hearts waiting for us to let it out. Sometimes we discover our gift at a young age and sometimes it takes a little longer. And sometimes it is a journey that uncovers itself as you live your life. Either way, it’s inside of you and the best way to have a purposeful life is to be true to who you are and live life to the fullest!

Why Moms Need to Live on Purpose

Moms need to live on purpose. That’s a must. And there’s a reason I’m so passionate about this. As moms, I believe we are raising our future…







customer service reps



corporate business owners

psychologists and counselors

church pastors

fathers and mothers

husbands and wives



world changers

purposeful life

The list goes on…we are raising our future everything! With all the things we have learned, experienced, and seen in our lifetime, I think we can agree there needs to be some changes. We need more love, happiness, and compassion in the world.

I believe moms can change the world!

Because moms are usually the ones “raising” children (no disrespect to dads or other care takers!), we are helping our children grow into the person they will become. They have a purpose too. And it should shine bright! When moms are empowered and free to live a purposeful life, we raise children with the confidence and excitement to live their purposeful life, too!

OK. End rant! This is just a huge part of my heart and my mission. And I want to see you love your life!

So now let’s get into how you can start living your purposeful life today!

5 steps to a Purposeful Life

When you look back on your life from where you are now, what do you see? Take a step back and look at your life as it is now. Are you happy? Do you feel like your everyday choices are bringing meaning to your life and the world? Would you feel confident to continue living the life you are now? Do you have any regrets? What are your dreams, goals and desires? Are they coming true?

If your answer is no, then let’s make some changes.

If nothing changes, nothing changes!

purposeful life

Here are the 5 steps I encourage you to go through to start living a more purposeful life:

1. Stop overthinking: Women in general tend to overthink things. Take a deep breath. You are your purpose, just listen and feel.

2. Write down the things you love to do: What are your hobbies? What did you love to do as a child? Think about activities that you could lose track of time doing. When you have some free time (ha!), what do you choose to do? Make sure you write what you really LOVE doing. Don’t hold back.

3. Own your natural talents and gifts: Time to toot your own horn! Got any talents, gifts, or natural abilities? What do your friends and family come to you for help or advice? We usually overlook our natural awesome sauce because it is easy for us. Spend some times thinking about what you are really good at and make a list. Please don’t be shy, you are amazing.

4. Dig deep – your purpose is within YOU: This is my natural gift…helping moms like you dig deep. I love asking questions, provoking thoughts and feelings, and really helping you to discover YOU! As you discover your purpose and step into the BEST VERSION OF YOU, remember to only look inside your heart, mind and soul. I don’t have the answers, you won’t find them in a book, nobody can just give them to you. Your purpose is inside of you. So dig deep babe.

5. Passion + Action = Purpose: If you want to see results, you must take action. This is a key step so many people miss. With any goal, desire, or dream, you have to do something if you want to see the benefits. Sometimes we miss and things don’t go as planned. That’s ok! As long as you learn, re-focus, and try again you are going to succeed! So take some kind of action. This, my friend, is the beautiful journey of a purposeful life.

Want more?

I hope these steps help you get started on your purposeful life. If you have other questions, are feeling like you need more support, or know you’re ready for a big transformation, let’s talk.

This year my word is FOCUS. I want to focus on:

  • spending more quality time with my family
  • having conversations and silly moments with my daughters, together and one on one
  • strengthening my marriage (it’s hard to date with three kids!)
  • working with moms who want to FOCUS on their life vision and up level in their life and/or business
  • sharing my message with more moms, without fear of rejection
  • living my purpose

Basically I’ve decided to live with intention. I want to be passionate about the things I spend my time on. Everything I do should be focused on getting me closer to God, living my legacy, and filling me up with happiness!

So if you want me to FOCUS on you, I have a limited number of spots open to coach with me. And these spots are only available to women who want to grow, make a difference, and start living their purpose everyday! Is this you?

You can schedule a free call with me to learn more and make sure we will be a good pair. I truly want you to be happy…if you know you want that too then take the leap. I promise there’s no pressure and it won’t hurt to learn more!

Cheers to your purposeful life!

purposeful life

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