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Dear Moms of Sick Kids

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ear Moms,

All the schools here have closed due to illness. The plague has hit our home, and we have surrendered and have stopped trying to fight it. In the past, the idea of sick kids would have left me feeling overwhelmed, tired, and hopeless. But, this time I’ve unraveled the lies and reminded myself 1) this won’t last forever 2) I’m not alone in this and 3) We have everything we need. When the well is running dry, the only place for me to run is to my Bible. While my dark chocolate stash might suffice for a minute, it’s just temporary fuel. My real source of strength is in the arms of my Father. That’s real life, right now.

I listened to a Jen Hatmaker podcast (b/c she makes me smile) and the phrase “grace, not perfection” resonated with me. I keep hearing the women around me say they no longer want to live feeling frantic. They seek a simplified, authentic, heart-driven life. We don’t need more perfectly curated squares on instagram or facebook. We need more circles of real, authentic friendships and community. A place to say come as you are. No filter required. We need more truth-telling, and less how-to tutorials to get the perfect body, hair, business… you fill in the blank. When we are striving for an impossible pursuit of perfection, we dismiss the gift that God gives us to not do it all perfectly.

God beckons us to come as we are. He calls us out of our pursuit of perfection, and into a place of rest. We receive the gift of deep-seeded joy. We stop striving for the things of this world, and start contemplating the everlasting. John 10:10 says “The thief comes only to kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” The abundant life calls me out of pursuing perfection, and into receiving the gift He comes to give. A life that is meaningful, purposeful, joyful, and eternal and most of all God-centered.

So, I’m what I’m saying is I’m not doing it all perfectly. I’m raising my hand; waiving my flag. You can too. I hope this can be a place of rest for our weariness. Where we examine how we are living, our hearts, and the ways we are showing up for God, our families, and ourselves. A place where we can share the real, practical things we are all learning as we walk in faith.



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