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​I’m wearing pants with a hole in them today

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I’m wearing pants with a hole in them today.

I haven’t been wearing them..because…you know there’s a hole in them…but today, nothing else fit right and I like how these feel.

No big deal right? I mean, seriously, not a single person is gonna see me today, source out the less-than-a-penny sized hole and judge me for it.


but if that’s the case,


Here’s why I’m talking about this stupid hole though and making a thing of it…

‘cause it got me thinking

— [always dangerous, lol] —

that we all have holes.

*Get your head out of the gutter ‘cause I’m not talking about those kinds!!*

But holes in

our character,

our physical appearance,

and/or our skillset,

that we don’t want people to notice.

So we hide these holes

— our flaws —

and do our best to remain under the protection of this umbrella of perfection.

But here’s the thing.

In the same way that I’ve never met an umbrella that works perfectly or that I hold perfectly so that I never get wet,

there’s no surefire way to mask

ALL of your defects,

ALL of the time,

and seriously,

why would you want to.

That just sounds so flippin' exhausting.

So wear your pants with the hole

and be your authentic, awkward, still-figuring-life-out self

and do it UNABASHEDLY.

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