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Good Moms Have These Things In Common With Other Good Moms

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I wish I knew the creator of this quote, so that she could receive the proper credit that she deserves. It’s been repurposed multiple times on wall prints and pencil cups from Hobby Lobby. You can find this quote on several posts on Pinterest, and now it’s here on my blog.


My mom is a great mom. I think that I’m a good mom. My friends are good moms, but like me we have days that we feel like we don’t measure up. Sometimes we yell too much, prepare unbalanced meals, and we may even fall short on the personal attention that we give each child or our one special angel.

I don’t know where the standard for a “good mom” began or who set it, but what I have learned is that good moms have these things in common. Good moms contemplate giving up when they are tired. Thankfully, they never do. They try to get life, meals, mothering right every day and sometimes fall short all over again.


Good moms live on grace and they quickly learn to give it their children when they royally mess up and to other moms when they judge their life decisions.

Good moms have goals that they may chip away at slowly while they help their own child succeed. There are moms everywhere in our world trying to teach, work, clean, love, organize, cook, and keep self awareness and care. That’s a lot of to-do’s.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. God didn’t give us motherhood so we can be stressed out about our houses not being kept. There is much more to a good life than how your home looks to visitors. The people living in your home are unbothered about the clutter because they are enjoying life with you, mom. Do what you can and when you can. There is freedom when you live according to what works for your home, your family, and your life.

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