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Challenge: Pregnancy Secrets

5 Facts About Pregnancy Every Good Husband Should Know

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Pregnancy is not just a condition but a delightful experience for both mother and father. It is a common misconception that a man’s fatherhood begins after the baby is born; however, in reality, it begins as soon as the wife’s pregnancy is discovered.

No matter if the baby comes as a surprise for you, from now on, you are a father and you should start preparing for it and make yourself ready to accept that a big responsibility is coming your way. Every man wants to be the best father for their child and if you are going to welcome a new member to your family, you would also want to be their role model. If that’s the case, you should start learning all about parenting but most importantly, pregnancy.

Pregnancy is not just related to a woman just because she is experiencing it in her body – you should do everything you can to help her in this condition. Knowing all about pregnancy can give you leads on how you can make this time easier for your wife. We dedicate this article to all the new dads-to-be to help them know all the important facts about pregnancy that will help them become a wonderful dad.

Hormonal Changes Lead to Mood Swings

Pregnancy comes with several hormonal changes which can lead to unexplained mood swings. You should prepare yourself to face the changing mood of your wife. Make sure you don’t react negatively because it will make things harder.

Cravings are Normal

During the pregnancy days, the amount of calorie intake increases because a new life is growing within and needs nourishment. In this condition, your wife may ask for unusual food items which she may not like to eat in the normal days. Try to maintain a stock of all the food items she likes in the home and of course, make sure she is eating healthy.

Heavy Lifting can be Damaging

Lifting heavy items should be banned for your partner especially in the first three months of pregnancy. Doctors advise light exercises that do not involve lifting weights and when you are around, you should be looking after such work. It will also bring you two closer.

Body Changes Will Take Place

Pregnancy is not just another medical condition – it encompasses a lot of changes psychological and physical as well. Besides the mood swings, you should also brace yourself to accept certain body changes like bigger breasts, shiny hair, and fingernails. There is also a risk of incontinence, flatulence, and others.

Pregnancy is Stressful

Although pregnancy is a wonderful experience, it can be stressful as well. Your wife may feel stressful at times but your constant support is all that she needs. Try to keep her calm by spending time with her and discussing things.

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