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Bumping along: What you need to know about the 2nd trimester

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We list 5 essential facts you should know about the second trimester of your pregnancy.

After suffering the physical discomfort of the first quarter, you are now "happy" in the second quarter. Here are 5 things that will happen in the meantime.


# 1 It's easier than the first quarter.

The second trimester of pregnancy is easier than ever. The fetus has already been "settled" in the uterus, so nausea, nausea and fatigue will subside in 13 weeks and disappear in the first trimester. You will not see a significant increase in weight until the fifth month. Enjoy this amazing part of pregnancy until even the most distressing symptoms begin in Triester 3.

# 2 During this time, this "show" will begin.

By 5 months the baby will begin to gain weight. As a result, the uterus will flower and your stomach will start to round. Soon, the baby bump becomes noticeable, and people will start asking if they are pregnant? The second trimester of pregnancy is usually a good time to spread the good news, as the chances of early miscarriage are also ruined. Plus, you can no longer hide the news if you like!

# 3 You will be more powerful.

The amazing effect of hormonal changes in the second trimester of pregnancy is that you will feel more hopeful and energized during this time. The body releases endorphins, or "feel good" hormones, to keep it calm and focused at this time, so that the baby develops properly and his or her internal systems function properly. Hormonal changes in pregnancy will also add shine and volume to your hair and nails, and will make your skin glow. However, it may be one of those women who is experiencing severe acne and hair fall during this time: Don't worry, these are common symptoms.

# 4 Your back and hips will hurt.

As the baby grows older, the first painful pain will begin to subside until the end of pregnancy. The second trimester of pregnancy is characterized by the onset of low back pain, changes in gait, stiffness in the buttocks, etc. This is a good time to enter the prenatal yoga class to learn hip, waist and leg exercises. To keep your joints flexible.

# 5 Your weight will increase, so will your desire.

Most women gain 8 to 10 kilograms of weight during pregnancy. Weight gain begins at 18 weeks, as well as the baby's weight as the mother's weight increases. Control Your Weight to Avoid Childbirth Complications: Weight gain is linked to hypertension, pre-Lumpia, dyspepsia, and gestational diabetes. But also enjoy this phase of your life: If you need some foods, take them moderately.

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